When I was in junior high and high school, I was President of everything. You name it, I was President of it. I loved leading. I loved it so much that as a high school senior, I applied as a political science major to all of my prospective colleges. 

I wanted to be the first female President of the United States! 

This desire ran deep. My family and family friends would all talk about it and all encouraged me to go for it. They felt my desire too. Somewhere along my college journey, I transferred from being a political science major to becoming a business school graduate. 

loved business school. I loved the curriculum. I loved the teachers. I even loved that my now husband, who was also a business major, would meet me at the outside benches right after class so we could walk home to Greek Row together.

But …there was always a part of me that felt that I had abandoned my childhood dream of being President. It has ached in my belly until now like I had given up on my childhood dream, albeit it was a humongous dream. But what’s the use of dreaming if you don’t go big?

This ache had stuck with me until this week. 

No, I’m not entering this crazy race. 

However in talking about the upcoming election in a conversation this week, I commented, “The President should lead and inspire.” 

And then I paused and had a visceral response to those words- lead and inspire. It was only then that I realized what I hadn’t realized all along. 

I wanted to be President so I could lead and inspire. That was my WHY.

Then I had the most satisfying realization I think I may have ever had….I am leading and inspiring. I am doing precisely what I had intended to do. 

For so long, I felt like I had abandoned my childhood dream and I could feel my inner child mourning this concept even up until this week. I felt like I had let myself down in a way.

But I hadn’t. 

It just looks different than the way I thought it would show up. This is what happens when we let go of our attachments, and our belief that something should look, feel or be a certain way.  We covered this awhile ago in the What If? A Meditation on Attachment Love Letter.

It was so illuminating for me to bridge this gap. I no longer felt like I had given up on myself. I no longer felt like I had abandoned a part of me that was so significant. 

I am doing precisely what I am meant to do. 

It just looks different than what I had imagined, but my WHY remains the same. 

Finding what truly makes you happy and what your life purpose is tends to be down the same path. Our purpose is often connected to what we loved to do as a child. Your inner child within you still wants that joy for you.

But what if…
You don’t know what that joy is?
You don’t know what your life purpose is?
You don’t know what will make you happy?
You don’t know what you should do?
You don’t even realize you are completing your life purpose?

Join me for today’s meditation, How to Find Your Life’s Purpose,  as we walk down that path together for a meditation with your inner child who will guide you towards your happiness and your true life purpose.

I can’t wait to hear what comes up for you with this meditation. Our inner child leads us to so much wisdom, guidance and happiness. 

I’m honored to journey to this place with you. 

Much love,