Why I Won’t Vote In The 2020 Presidential Election... Dre Baldwin DreAllDay.com

I voted for Obama 2008 and again in 2012. I voted because I strongly wanted Barack to win. 

The incessant propaganda pushed by the Democratic Party in 2016 (I know about it because most of the people I followed then were Democrats and strongly “Left”) sufficiently influenced me to go vote. I chose Hillary Clinton, even though I believed there was no way Donald Trump could win

The Dem’s pre-election material worked: it had me spooked that a world of intolerance, silencing of opinions and only one allowed way of thinking would exist if a Trump administration was allowed to step into the White House. 

And, they were right: it happened! Amazingly, though, it was NOT via Trump. 

It was done by the Left, the very people who’d been warning me that Trump would do it. THEY did it. 

And now, here we are. 

made this vid on November 9, the day after the 2016 election. I told viewers: if an Obama presidency didn’t make you wildly successful, and you didn’t blame him for it, then Trump’s win can’t make you a failure, and if you are a failure, you can’t blame him for that. 

Generally, this is where I stand on all political debates. 

Some say Trump divided the country. 


Trump isn’t exactly a unifier, but he didn’t cause the division. President Trump represents the division that already existed. He’s not that good to divide a whole country. More than half of voters voted against Trump. And leftists vowed to “resist” him the entirety of his term anyway, right? How could he have caused such a change in you when your whole strategy was to avoid his influence? 

And if your announced strategy is to resist any influence, words or actions of the President, don’t you also deserve credit for the current division? 

That said, I don’t think Trump is as bad as his biggest critics make him out to be. However… 

Trump has failed to try bringing the country together — which is what I’d expect of a president of any group. For that reason, I can’t vote for him, though I will allow that his critics try so hard to make him look bad that they sound ridiculous. This is what we’d call an over-correction: not liking Trump so strongly, you point out every “wrong” thing about him — but you’re trying so hard that you’re the one who starts to seem crazy. 

Trump fans call this Trump Derangement Syndrome

Joe Biden is the Paul George of politicians: great as a #2 “second banana,” not fit to be a #1 guy — and that’s even with all his mental faculties intact (which they clearly are not). 

If Trump is unfit for President leadership-wise, then it’s only fair to point out that Biden is unfit for President mentally. And the “you aint Black” comment he made on The Breakfast Club should make any Black person think hard about how Democratic politicians really see us. 

Which is the lesser of the two evils? You tell me… 

Oh, and Kamala Harris? I wrote about her here. She another capable #2 who isn’t #1 material. Her poorly-run Presidential campaign (where she failed to drum up a real challenge to Biden) proved this. So the idea of the Biden/Harris ticket winning —and then Kamala taking over when Biden can’t do it anymore — doesn’t excite me. She couldn’t beat Biden, so now she’s gonna work for him and then take over via the back door. 

Here’s the bottom line on Presidential elections. 

Name ONE thing Trump has done since 2016 that directly affected you …? No one whom I’ve asked this can answer. 

Name ONE thing Biden will do for you over the next four years…? 

Another blank. 

The President doesn’t determine your life, actions or success / failure. The media, advertisements and famous people preaching to you will tell you the opposite, and that “this is the most important election of our lives.” Funny how that line comes out every four years. 

No they don’t, and no it’s not. 

The most important election of your life is the one you run on yourself. 

Nominate YOU to be master of your fate. 

Campaign for the life you want by working on your game. 

Elect yourself to own your successes, failures and outcomes. 

Serve yourself as the most important subject of your conversation. 

Do well enough in your position, and other people will start asking you to lead them as well. 

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