It’s no secret we are living in a tumultuous time that presents numerous risks to our biological and mental health. It can seem like we are navigating a world of ever-moving health-risks, causing anxiety, depression, and fear of moving, traveling, or connecting. Since our wellness is the very foundation of our lives, our productivity, and our happiness, it’s more important than ever that we spend extra time safeguarding the one body we are given in this lifetime.

That’s why wellness tools and resources should be accessible to all. With the technology we have at our fingertips today, these kinds of services should no longer be reserved for a select few. We have the technology to monitor health levels right from our phones, and the ability to receive shipments from drones in the sky. This same technology needs to be applied to the very everyday resources we all need to be healthy and safe.

Thankfully, social entrepreneurs are arising to the occasion, basing business models off of the greater good as opposed to profit. These entrepreneurs have discovered that as they pour their heart and soul into making the world a better place, there is a much greater sense of fulfillment knowing they’re impacting peoples’ lives in a real way versus just existing to turn a profit. 

Help People First

Through these social entrepreneurs, more innovative people are coming up with new ways to make wellness resources accessible to everyone. By combining functional medicine, science-backed biohacking, and efficiency into all levels of the business, more people than ever before can receive the support they need to be healthy in real-time;

not to mention, the support they need to ensure they are not passing any germs onto the people around them.

That’s why the world’s first bio-hacking and co-working space, Wellness 4 Humanity by Peak Space Labs, is obsessed with providing this kind of widespread wellbeing. As out-of-the-box thinkers, they sat down and configured a new way to leave the world better than they found it. Especially in 2021 as COVID-19 presents newer challenges that are making it hard for everyone around us to find stability right now, Wellness 4 Humanity quickly shifted focus to aid in the urgency. 

They are proud to have already opened several in-person testing sites all across the country, including one of the more recent additions to the family, the San Jose location. California has been by far one of the epicenters for the transmission of the virus, but you Californians can rest assured that these guys are on top of trying to keep all of you safe and healthy as we all ride this thing out. Along with the in-person San Jose location, they also have a vending machine conveniently located right inside Oakland Airport (OAK) for any of you in need of a 24-48 hour PCR test. The vending machines have been getting deployed in several major cities across the country, as well as being adopted by several professional sports teams. 

“We knew we had the infrastructure and team in place to make a difference in the pandemic, which is how we arrived at our COVID-19 rapid test vending machines,” said Lian Nguyen Pham. “Now we can place these vending machines where they are needed the most so people can receive healthy transparency at all hours of the day. It’s remarkable what happens when social good is placed at the top of any business model.”

Instant Testing from a Vending Machine or at Physical Locations

Tests can be purchased without any contact at the vending machines. By using the QR code, the tests can be used and completed, providing the person with instant information so they know what to do going forward. Many of the machines can already be found in highly-trafficked areas, with the newest being in NYC. 

A complete list of physical testing locations, including the San Jose location, can be found at the website below. 
Encouraging social entrepreneurs everywhere to do the right thing, too, Wellness 4 Humanity has certainly inspired a movement. For more information, visit: