Many inner-directed introverts, as well as purpose-led and other introspective people, have issues with creating a vision board. Here’s a reframe.

When you create a vision board, you’re cutting out THINGS — and many of us just aren’t motivated by “things” — we respond best to a sense of purpose based on our core values. We aren’t driven by the lure of earning a pink car or buying a big boat. We think those things are nice, but they DON’T MOTIVATE us to go out and create success.

But we live in a world of forms, and these “things” take on the value we assign to them.

Creating a vision board allows you to get in touch with your core values and to set goals — or recognize God-given “assignments” — that are aligned with your deeper purpose.

Let’s take the case of a big boat:

Material-minded person: “A big boat means that everyone will know I make a “boatload” of money; that I’m successful. I can show my neighbors that I’ve made it!”

For the inner-directed person, what might a big boat mean? A big boat might mean family outings where you can bond more deeply.

For inner-directed people, it’s not so much “desire for objects” but the values the object represents.

For example: My inner child surprised me by cutting out an image of a wad of money. When it was time to decide if that should go onto my vision board, I got in touch with the core value money represents for me. It’s the ability to fund my old age without becoming a burden to my family.

So, if you cut out a picture of a boat, dwell on the deeper value it represents. The big boat is a symbol of those deeply held values. You want to get in touch with the feelings having a big boat represents.

Honor your inner child. But, hey, if your inner child wants someone as a treat and wants you to include that on your vision board, do it!

That child takes delight in fun things. CHILDLIKE DELIGHT is natural and is your ENTHUSIASM energy.

And maybe that Inner Child wants a big boat just because it’ll be FUN. A sense of FUN is an important aspect of life. That’s your zest for life — it’s what keeps you young! (I think of Betty White.)

So allow your vision board to include “just for fun” things.

That is not the same as being materialistic, which is based on greed and needing validation from outside yourself.

See the difference?

So, as you cut out images and words for your vision board, get past the intellect and the “shoulds,” and allow your Creative Child to come out and play. That is the doorway to your authentic self and your core values.

Include your Higher Power. The last point I want to make is that we can’t always know what’s best for us, so as you authentically respond to pictures you’re attracted to, you can say inwardly, “THIS OR SOMETHING BETTER” and leave the final decisions up to your Higher Power.

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  • Summer Turner

    Empowering Introverts

    Summer Turner knows that introverts are more successful and fulfilled when they move forward in ways that honor their brain wiring instead of pushing themselves to act like extroverts. An experienced solution-focused strategy coach, course creator and instructor, Summer helps introverted women consultants, coaches and other solopreneurs creatively strategize introvert-brain-friendly paths to success and fulfillment. She has created a signature approach called The Tortoise Way™.