In this modern working age, there is an increased focus on employee health and wellbeing. Companies are now moving with the times and emphasising the importance of their employees’ mental health.

No matter the size of the business, each employee’s mental health should matter and get managed appropriately. Many factors could affect an individual’s wellbeing, both in and out of work.

As we spend a lot of time at work, it is essential we feel happy while we are there. So, what can we do to ensure good employee mental health?


Providing a safe space for employees to talk openly about their feelings is essential. Often talking about your feelings is one of the best forms of therapy. A problem shared is a problem halved, which is why encouraging your employees to talk is essential.

Feeling supported at work is something many employees value highly. They want to know their problems will be listened to, understood, and acted on because if not, they could be less inclined to talk. 

Encouraging your employees to communicate is also beneficial for their productivity. Once your employees have shared their worries, their focus should improve with it. Often all someone needs is to talk things through because it makes them feel better. So, encouraging an openly communicative work environment is in your interest.

Offer healthy perks 

There is nothing better than your hard work getting recognised. Often healthy incentives are a great way to encourage your employees to strive for excellence.

An attractive perk is not only a nice thing for the employee to receive, but it also makes your company appear inviting and encouraging. As well as this, perks can be used to persuade employees to go for promotions.

If you offer monetary or gift incentives to your staff, they may wish to push themselves to work towards a promotion. This can help keep them mentally engaged, while also enhancing workplace productivity.

Create a secure environment 

It is important to create an environment where your employees feel confident that their job is secure. Creating job security not only makes your employees feel safer but also helps your company appear more professional.

Sadly, job security is not felt by all. Poster printing specialists instantprint surveyed approximately 1,000 UK workers and found out that over a quarter (26%) of respondents admitted to not feeling secure in their current role.

These figures suggest job security is a potential area of improvement for businesses, as failing to provide it will only harm the mental state of employees.