We all are evident to the sleeping pattern of teenagers these days. Late night movies, binge watching shows, scrolling through social media accounts and talking over phones are common. But little them and their parents are aware that sleeping is important to build teen brains. In fact, the pattern of not having enough sleep makes them feel tired in school and drastically interferes with their performance.

It is also needed to be understood that adolescents go through a drastic change in their life. From expanding their social life to bearing new responsibilities and making plans for the future, teenagers are a first step into the new era. Amidst all this, sleep is the most important process to rest body and mind so that it can revive once again for new challenges and tasks tomorrow.

How Much Sleep Does Teenagers Require?

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It is known that teenagers need at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep everyday to keep their performance well and give the brain some time to revive. If you would look at the statistics by the National Sleep Foundation, you would learn that 85% of the teenagers are taking less than 8 hours of sleep at night.

However, adolescents disrupt the sleep schedule with their poor habits and unawareness about the importance of deep sleep in their lives. Instead, they try to cover their sleep during the holidays and weekends that also shifts the body clock differently.

What Are The Causes Of Sleep Deprivation?

There are multiple reasons why teenagers have deprived sleep and the importance of sleeping is going down within them.

  • Hormonal shift: Many teenagers experience change in sleep cycle or sleep in late hours because of hormonal changes. As they are not able to sleep early but have to get up in the morning for school, they fall in the trap of ‘sleep debt’.
  • Light exposure: Watching television or late night movies prevents the brain from forming chemicals that are responsible for sleeping.
  • Hectic schedule: When teenagers are going through a typical hectic schedule like finishing projects, performing at basketball matches and wrapping up the homework at night, they are not able to sleep properly creating sleep deprivation.
  • Sleep disorder: Believe it or not, many teenagers are facing anxiety, depression and sleep disorders like sleep apnoea that leaves them deprived of good sleep and it interferes in developing teen brains.

Why Teens Require More Sleep?

So why is it that so many researchers focus on good and deep sleep? There are many reasons behind it, let’s find them out.

  1. Sleep Grows Brain: Sleep positively disconnects the brain from stress and tiredness and gives time to rest and energize. Once a teenager peacefully sleeps for a good amount of time, he or she is able to make better decisions about studies, sports and ongoings in life.
  2. Better Concentration: Whatever they do at this stage, a proper concentration is required anyway. If the teenager is dealing with sleep debt, he may not be able to concentrate and rather face failure.
  3. Enthusiasm: The growing enthusiasm to take part in play competitions or participate in Science quiz comes in full swing only when the person does not lack sleep.
  4. Improved Memory: Those who find ways to improve memory will always find importance of sleeping in their list. Yes, apart from building teen brains, sleeping enhances memory that ultimately helps in improving the performance in examinations.
  5. Less Chances Of Falling Sick: When one sleeps properly, they are less prone to clumsiness and fall sick. Naturally, there are better grades and better relationships with parents & friends.

Tips For Teenagers To Improve Sleep Cycle

  • Make a sleeping routine for yourself. For example, read a few pages of a good book or drink hot chocolate and be thankful to God for a wonderful day before sleep. A happy body and a happy mind contribute to sleeping well.
  • Keep your laptop or phone away from you half an hour prior sleeping. You can choose to put up good songs though.
  • Avoid drinking coffee or energy drinks in the evening or late at night.
  • Participate in physical activities during the day time so that you are tired enough to sleep at night.
  • Make your surroundings comfortable and calm so that there are no disturbances at night.
  • Avoid staying up late during the weekends.

Respect Your Sleep

In the end, we would like to say that if you respect sleeping importance today and understand why sleep is important, your body and mind will work together in sync according to calmsage. Although we have mentioned here that sleep is important to developing teen brains, it is also true that good deep sleep is important for every person regardless of age. So whatever be your age is right now, make sure to sleep well every night.