Successful people know making an impact goes beyond adding a value in people’s lives but in also finding love in what you do!

We live at a time when people chase money over passion, simply because of the survival tenet that after all the bills have to be paid. I spoke with the CEO of Media Options, Andrew Rosener who believes otherwise. Media Options, a domain broker firm founded with the sole purpose to bring liquidity to the domain name market, which has traditionally lacked liquidity, has found a way in helping others while doing what he loves to do.

“There is satisfaction in helping owners of domain names create liquidity by selling their domain name.  It’s equally satisfying, or perhaps even more, to help a startup or established company to get their exact match brand .com domain name.  Playing matchmaker between the best companies and the best domain names is the way I like to think about it.  We specialize in outbound outreach and collectively have hundreds of thousands of contact points selling domain names.  What this means is that we provide visibility for owners by getting their domain name in front of decision makers.  Likewise, we have access to virtually every domain name owner that a company may have an interest or need in acquiring. This is not easy but a major reason we sell more premium domain names than anyone else in the market.”

In a tough market where domain names are strategic assets and yet only the very top marketers in the world truly understand the impact they have to a company’s ability to scale. Media Options is launching a new and unique marketplace called the Domain Name Exchange that can be found at that will give brands and startups an unprecedented selection of the best domain names in the World which are for sale or could be acquired.  We are talking the top 2% of domains in the World or less.

There indeed was hole in the market as many founders of companies who were on the hunt for a brand were looking for avenues that wouldn’t limit their creativity. What intends to solve is a problem by allowing companies to search the top domain names that are available for sale all in one place.  Fixing the issue of fractionalized marketplaces and insufficient visibility into the overall market availability.

In the long term the impact Media Options is making helps provide them with an immense satisfaction and pride as they keep helping domain names turn into top brands. Some of these include,,, and hundreds more they have placed or sold as it may be.

Every business on Earth needs a domain name.  From your local pizza shop to global enterprises, they all need a domain.  Rosener likes to say, “all roads lead to domain names.”  For that reason, the role of domain broker is never boring! You interact with and engage with every type of company you can think of and every type of person.  That variability keeps things fresh and interesting even after so many years in business.

“We have several big plans in the works that will have the potential to change the aftermarket in a profound way,” Andrew Rosener says. In the meantime while is being worked on, Andrew’s vision is “to ensure the quality of the domain names are the top 2% of premium domain names available.  Also unique to DNX is the assurance to our sellers that we have vetted and qualified buyers.  We have worked with and continue to work with some of the top brands in the world like Amazon, IAC, Dow Jones, Tribune as well as the startup community.”