Brian C Jensen

The pandemic has brought with itself a wave of challenges that might lead to damaging students’ mental aspirations. It is becoming difficult for anyone around the world to maintain his or her mental health while in confinement. And for the well being of students, it is essential to have meaningful conversations.

Mental challenges in the life of a student in higher education are nothing new. But, due to COVID-19, we are witnessing problems at all levels. Disruptions in students’ lives and social isolation patterns have negatively affected many young students’ minds.

It might be impossible to completely eradicate the impact of isolation on the emotional health of students. Indeed, students’ health concerns have become a primary concern worldwide, thereby necessitating the need for online education.

Brian C Jensen emphasizes on remote learning among students

Social distancing is real; the new reality in the present day and in every sector of life. Students have to adjust to new ways of learning through digital platforms. Students are also equipping themselves to use digital means to get in touch with friends and families. Spending a lot of time with friends and families might be liked by some and might not be liked by others. Some people are getting very overwhelmed regarding this helpless state of affairs.

There is a possibility that isolation might lead to increase levels of mental illness. Brian C Jensen says that it is leadership’s role to strike a balance between the heart and head of students worldwide. This is the key to deal with the crisis confronting the entire world. Education has to go beyond just giving general information to the world and give students specialized information.

Time has come to pause and reset your mind

Due to the pandemic, the ability of the student to connect with their classmates is adversely affected. School mentors should come up with and use digital platforms to create a sense of belonging among students, especially during the pandemic. You must eradicate the harmful effects of loneliness among students in order to maintain their mental balance. It will help if you teach them the importance of remaining healthy and happy, even in tough and trying times.

While COVID-19 might spare you, the prolonged implementation of social distancing might lead to loneliness and depression.

It is indispensable to bring about remediation efforts to revive the minds of the students. They should not get deprived of the neurotransmitter oxytocin, which is imperative for the health of human beings.

Vision for new education policies

There is not a single solution to deal with mental health problems, especially during the pandemic. At no other time in the last century have students experienced a crisis like they are experiencing now. Thus, education leaders should develop new policies and introduce new learning techniques to foster caring relationships between students and teachers.

It is quite evident that the student who feels comfortable with the teacher will not feel isolated. It will also help in the development of a healthy relationship between students and their peers.