As human beings, it’s natural for us to fear change – and even reject it – in an effort to remain in control and comfortable. That’s why the fear of change is one of the most common fears that people face, considering diving headfirst into something we don’t know and can’t predict throws our minds into pure anxiety. We start asking what-if questions that eventually paralyze us with the ability to even consider something positive can come with the change.

This kind of fear, also known as metathesiophobia, is so constricting that it prevents people from living the life they were always meant to live. When we reject change or do everything in our power to avoid it, we end up doing the same thing, every single day, at the same job, with the same paycheck. No new opportunities, or challenges, befall us because we don’t allow them to.

By skirting around change and slipping into a mundane reality that is anything but our divine purpose, we start to feel sad, depressed, lethargic, or nothing at all. We aren’t in step with our potential and all that we could make a reality for ourselves, so we start to feel this ‘falling short’ phenomenon that can make even the happiest of moments feel lackluster. 

Why We Need to Embrace Change

That’s why it’s so important to embrace change rather than reject it. Change is part of the human experience and has been throughout all of time, ushering in new ideas, innovations, cures, experiences, and solutions. Without an agent of change, we’d still be living in caves with no way to communicate. Yes, change can be scary, but as the saying goes: anything worth having doesn’t come easily. Trade-offs will always exist, and the trade-off of change, although it might make you uncomfortable at first, is a better reality on the other side.

No one understands this kind of occurrence better than digital marketing guru and owner of Social Static, Elizabeth Prairie. Committed to embracing every single new element of social media marketing, branding, and social media tools the moment they are launched, Elizabeth has made a name for herself as someone who welcomes in change with open arms.

“Every time something changes, it creates this void of opportunity just waiting to be seized,” said Elizabeth. “Instead of approaching change with this idea that it ‘must be negative,’ it’s so important that we keep an open mind and manifest the positivity that waits on the other side. I know this past year has brought in more change than we were all prepared for – but, I am now passionate about helping businesses turn this change around for the better.”

Elizabeth is referring to her comprehensive marketing services that she offers through Social Static, which help all clients to solve business problems while increasing profits. Her team does this via unique marketing strategies that are in-line with every finite intricacy of each brand. The team is particularly passionate about helping all of the small businesses new to the world of online marketing in 2021.