On a plane, the flight attendant instructs you to ” Put your oxygen mask on first before helping others.” Why do you think that is?

Ok, what about.

Ever heard the saying, “In order to take care of others, you must take care of yourself first”?

Yes, this is 100% true. Yet sometimes, we forget this simple message. Why is that?

I was having a conversation with a client yesterday, and the client expressed she feels guilty when she has to make herself a priority. She said, ” Nadidah, I love helping others and making them happy.”

What a selfless act.

Here’s what I told her…

“It’s necessary to make yourself a priority. When we ignore our own needs and allow ourselves to be depleted and burnt out,  everyone loses. Think about your family, friends, co-workers, and others that you are putting first. They miss out on the best part of you, oh and by the way, so are you. So prioritize yourself.”

Below are a few simple ways you can prioritize yourself:

Always not sometimes, but always make time for yourself to do the things that are important to you.

Always speak kindly to yourself

Always tell yourself, “I can”…

Never be too hard on yourself

Love the skin you are in

Learn to say NO to the things that don’t serve you and that don’t align with your morals and values.

Let go of the things you can’t change

Remember, making yourself a priority is not selfish; it’s necessary for your well-being.

So, go ahead and do it for YOU.

Sound out in the comments, and let us know what else you can do to make yourself a priority?

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