One of my beautiful friends went through one of the first drafts of my book and said to me “How do you know about all of this stuff, how do you know how to publish your own book? You just know everything!” I want you to know, I only know all of these things because I’ve learnt them, I take time to learn & grow. I always say that we don’t know something until someone tells us it. Right!? People are only clever because they have learnt in a way that suits them. 

Notice how in the title it says ‘YET’.

It says yet because you can choose to learn anything you desire to know. There are no limits to what you can discover, what you can learn and the path you can travel.

My highest value in life is growth and to me, this means to learn about what can help me, my family and my community of women. I take time for myself and I work on how I can become my best self, part of that is learning and growing. 

Ask yourself, what can I learn today that will support me to show up as my best self? 

Life is full of lessons, even the smallest snippets throughout your day. I take every opportunity to learn and grow as a person. Each day the conversations I have with my 3-year-old bring me back to myself, especially the ones where I say “Eva, you must be grateful for what you already have before you can have any more.” This one always has me reflecting upon myself and my own actions, thoughts and behaviours. Silently giggling to myself and thinking “That bloody law of attraction malarky is not going to work if I am not already grateful…” 

We must learn in order to grow. Someone once said to me that if we are not growing we are dying. To me growing is knowledge. Growing is taking in the lessons and developing skills and passing them on to others. We are never too old to learn anything! It is never too late to learn. 

I include learning in my daily personal potential regime. A personal potential regime is my morning routine (at least most days it’s in the morning) that supports me to show up each day as my best self and truly step up into my power. It could be as simple as reading a book or listening to a podcast. It could be taking free masterclasses online about a specific topic you want to learn about, you could enrol into an online course or go back to college or uni. It could be finding a mentor or going to an event. There are hundreds upon thousands of ways to learn and grow. Pick one subject, decide how you want to learn and commit to growing. 

What are you committing to learning about?