Public speaking is a skill that usually has to be honed or mastered through experience. Those who take up positions of leadership must have great public speaking skills in order to be successful. The following are just a few of the reasons why leaders need public speaking skills.

Communicate Their Message

Leaders must have strong public speaking skills so that they can easily communicate the messages. When you speak, you are telling others something that you think is important. Unfortunately, it is very easy for people to not understand it. If you are trying to tell people something in an effort to help them, they cannot be helped if they do not fully understand you. Great public speaking skills will allow you to convey your message so that you can help others, your organization and yourself.

People Misconstrue Things

Sometimes, people misconstrue or twist things that other people say. In some situations, this is intentional, while in others, it is not. If your words are twisted or misconstrued, people may form an impression of you, your family, or organization based on what they thought you said. This can be quite troublesome and damaging to your reputation if you have been perceived as saying something rude, politically incorrect or unethical—when you really didn’t.

Getting A Following

A leader is nothing without his or her following. If you can charm people, appeal to their sensibilities and make them properly understand what you are saying, you will eventually find a following of people who are willing to support you in various ways.

Appeal To People

Proper public speaking techniques can help you appeal to people. There are various methods that you can use to appeal to others. For example, you can use your tone of voice, facial movements, body movements, gestures, and vocal inflections to win over who you are speaking to.

Unite Everyone

Many times, pubic speakers are trying to unite others over a particular goal or idea. If you can speak clearly, concisely and wisely, you will be able to achieve this.

In conclusion, leaders need public speaking skills to appeal to others and properly communicate their messages. Any misunderstanding of what a leader has to say can result in damage to his or her reputation. Misunderstandings can also result in the audience not having their needs filled.

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