Photo by Lina Trochez on Unsplash

What does the word “leader” mean to you?

To me, a leader is someone who walks ahead and shows others the way.

A leader is someone who is sure of and aligned with their own values.

A leader is clear on who they are, what they want to see in the world, and how to act on that vision.

I want to create more leaders in the world.


Because I really believe that we have to find better ways of being in the world, particularly in work and business.

We have to move from just focussing on paycheck and profit to doing that with purpose.

When leadership combines purpose with payroll, and purpose with profit, the changes for humanity can be deeply profound, and widely impacting.

So, how do we make that change?

For me, and for us here at Evolving Careers, it starts with evolving individuals.

After all, it’s individuals that are the humans making up all the people in a business.

What a business chooses to do and how it operates is really a sum of how well people are living their values and being true to themselves in their workplaces.

I believe, so strongly, that when more people value themselves and what they believe in, they’ll be able to truly nurture people and the planet through their work and businesses.

It’s so important to help people be true to themselves; to know their values, to bring their values and vision for purpose and change into the workplace so that they can create and be part of businesses that are actually serving humanity — not just shareholders.

The place where we can have the biggest impact with creating change, and in encouraging businesses to serve humanity is leadership.

But leadership isn’t just about the C-Suite roles, founding an organisation, or having a large platform.

It’s about how we participate in our daily lives.
It’s about how we interact with others around us.
It’s how we contribute to the culture of the places we spend time in as whole individuals.

It’s knowing, living, and communicating our values.

A leader is anyone that wants to be a changemaker.

A leader is anyone who has a deep desire to lead and shine the light on a better way of being.

So many of us sit in a workplace, seeing bad decisions being made, witnessing cultures that disempower us, and never know what to do to create change.

How many of us ever do something about it?

How many of us take the first step to create change and to lead differently in the environments we live and work in?

My mission here at Evolving Careers is to get more people engaged in doing something about those things.

I am here to help people re-discover and reconnect with their sense of purpose.

It’s my desire, my vision, and my purpose to enable leaders to develop and to help them to step into and lead from their values.

Leadership needs more evolved changemakers in the world.

It starts with you.

It starts with me.

Right here, right now.


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