Born and raised in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, Anthony Chanthalyma is a 24-year-old entrepreneur who has established his own social media agency and is dedicating his life to influence and mentor others with his engineering and business knowledge. 

He started from being a competitor at the Vex Robotics competition to starting his own company. 

It never occurred to him that the skills he developed in a STEM extracurricular activity provided him with not only beneficial outcomes on problem-solving but also executing success within winning. 

Over the years he has expanded to different industries as an entrepreneur and went into music management, additive manufacturing, and fitness.

Now, he holds positions in these industries such as credentials in manufacturing engineering technology at Fanshawe College, managing musicians with Ausso & Locklyn, additive manufacturing in developing Bionic Arm, and director of product marketing at Feliston Sports.

But how does he cope with being a young and innovative entrepreneur? Here’s how. 

Creating A Priority List 

When dealing with stress and the other responsibilities in his life, Anthony finds that it works best for him when he has a written priority list that starts from what needs most of his attention to the least. 

“Crushing the hardest ones first are the most time consuming and in need of attention. Deep breaths and writing what the problem is generating ideas because that focus is in front of you,” he said. 

Scheduling his days also helped Anthony deal with and keep himself up-to-date with what’s in store for him in the week and those that will follow. 

“Any calendar app helped me tackle these tasks effectively to maintain persistence throughout those eventful days. Syncing across devices is a definite plus to keep track and possibly slow down the pace,” the young entrepreneur said. 

Lastly, Anthony deals with stress by preventing it as much as possible. He does so by meditating in the morning to assist in mindful well-being. 

“Start by experimenting with different habits and eliminate ones that restrict you from causing any discrepancies,” said Anthony. 

Dealing With Obstacles 

When it comes to dealing with challenges, Anthony doesn’t let them last long. As much as possible, he wants to deal with it so when he hits a wall, he goes to others for advice. 

“Don’t let it wait because you will eventually sit there and try to figure it out for a long time. Go around it, take the time to get advice from others such as family members, friends, or coaches. You never know if someone had the same experience, that opens the floor to the questions you may have to find a solution towards those obstacles. Acting quickly to the situation will benefit you more,” he said. 
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