A recent community study on the effect of loaded and unloaded movement training on functional fitness among adults revealed very encouraging information. According to the study, unloaded movement training increases power and functional fitness the same way loaded movement training does. The ability of movement training to produce positive results in functional fitness is now helping fitness experts and health practitioners come up with programs for people who work in environments where space and time are limiting factors. One of these fitness experts is Anthony Mendez, who through professional loaded and unloaded movement training is helping business people by teaching them how to workout anywhere using just the body and unconventional training tools.

How Anthony Mendez Revolutionized Loaded and Unloaded Movement Training

Anthony’s movement training began to gain popularity four years ago and he has since witnessed an exponential growth in the number of people enrolling for his program. He posts videos on social media so that as a potential client, you can get a preview of what his training model is all about before getting into the actual stuff. He says many people ask questions about loaded and unloaded movement wanting to know more. The result has been a never-ending stream of clients from all walks of life.

Anthony trains big names in the corporate world as well as popular athletes, but that is not to say that he leaves other people out. Anthony Mendez has developed his own niche where he shows his clients how to perform three-dimensional movements you can do with a steel mace, your own body weight, ViPR, sandbags, kettlebells, and clubs or without any weight. In his own words, Anthony calls his style of training, “unconventional bodyweight training and corrective exercise that helps get people out of pain, enabling them to move and perform better on a daily basis”

Benefits of Loaded and Unloaded Movement Training

Today, employers are investing in health club memberships for their employees while trying as much as possible to create awareness about eating healthy. Though such interventions are a growing trend, the benefits cannot measure up to what you can possibly achieve through loaded and unloaded movement training. We spoke to Anthony Mendez about the benefits of his training module and came up with these points:

Loaded and unloaded movement training is a new training model that makes you feel better and look better as well. It helps to boost mobility and flexibility while making you stronger for other exercises. Anthony’s version of movement training challenges the individual because he shifted traditional training to a new style of training. From only weights and cardio, Anthony introduces his clients to an unconventional style of training which at first is challenging but gets easier as time goes by.

Anthony says that the kind of training he specializes in has helped his clients a great deal. Some of the issues he has been able to deal with include discomfort, shoulder, back, and limb pain. People who have had such issues for a long time, some of whom got them from other training programs have found relief in what Anthony does. He adds value to his program by helping his clients take charge of their goals, eliminate bad habits and create new healthy ones while developing accountability in their professional and personal lives. , create new habits, eliminate bad habits, create accountability.

From what we have learned, loaded and unloaded movement training sets you on the course of life and prepares you to face any challenge. Anthony says that his training places you in different scenarios that when you face in real life, you will be in a position to get through because you were already accustomed to them beforehand.

The Anthony Mendez Solution for You and Your Business

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t have the time to squeeze in one of those intensive miracle-working’ fitness programs, why not try loaded and unloaded movement training? Anthony Mendez has revolutionized movement training by providing an ingenious solution to the working class. By utilizing just some small space, you can train using just your bodyweight or simple tools like ViPR, kettlebells, clubs or a steel mace. Anthony will show you how to work these around and incorporate improved three-dimensional movements. All you have to do is commit to the program so as to reap maximum benefits. You will now be in a position to battle metabolic syndrome, a group of risk factors (including high cholesterol and hypertension) that affects almost half of the adult population in America. Plus, you could use some functional fitness in your business. To connect with Anthony, check out MendezFitnessPro.com or MendezFitness.com.

With loaded and unloaded movement training, you can finally start doing things you couldn’t do before. If you have been dreaming of having the perfect working life, Anthony Mendez has what you need. Now you can wake up, workout from home, get to the office feeling great, move about without worrying that something is going to snap, get back home still feeling fresh, play with your kids over the weekend and pretty much anything else you couldn’t do before.