Let’s come right out and say it, losing your job is not a great thing. Unfortunately, the present climate has a lot of people finding themselves out of a job. Sure, it’s not ideal, but what if it was not such a bad thing overall. Spelling it out, it may not look that way, considering that you need to have a source of income to survive. But, it is in no way the end of the world. That is undoubtedly one of the most cliche phrases out there. The thing is, losing your job is the start of something new, especially if you didn’t reach your full potential at your old job, and here’s why.

It Gives You Time To Consider What Really Matters

It’s very easy to be reduced to a cog in a machine all in the name of having a job. After some time you forget how important it is to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Losing your job, as horrible as it may seem, gives you the chance to step back and have a wholesome life. You have the chance to connect with friends and family that you’ve neglected for a while. Even more, you could evaluate your lifestyle choices and tweak any aspect that needs tweaking.

Opportunity to Venture Out on Your Own

Believe it or not, venturing into business in the pandemic is a great idea. There are some emerging markets right now that you can tap into with limited competition. Even better is the fact that you know and understand what the new normal is. It’s easy to navigate the market now that people are simply looking for what to grasp onto. So, maybe you weren’t meant to be an employee at all, you were meant to be the boss. Think about it.

You Can Get Your Dream Job

The way we see it when one door closes, another one opens up, or you could simply pry one open. Losing your job right now is a great opportunity to position yourself for your dream job. What’s that one thing you always wanted to do, or the firm you always wanted to work at. This time around, get it right. Get employment lawyers on board from the get-go so you don’t get put out of a job with nothing to lean on. They can equally help you negotiate terms that are more favorable for you at your new firm.

You Realize How Resilient You Are

The truth of the matter is that losing your job is a big blow, to your morale, your account, and your outlook on life. But with every passing day, it gets easier to move on and pick yourself up. So, ensure that you seek out ways to bounce back from losing your job. It is hard to do it, but every day you keep pushing is taking you one step to your next adventure. Whether it’s a new job or your own business, your resilience will give you the confidence to succeed.


  • Michael Levitt

    Chief Burnout Officer

    Breakfast Leadership, Inc.

    Michael Levitt is the founder & Chief Burnout Officer of Breakfast Leadership, Inc,, a San Diego and Toronto-based burnout prevention firm. He is a Certified NLP and CBT Therapist, and is one of the world's leading authorities in burnout recovery and prevention.  He is also a Fortune 500 consultant, #1 bestselling author, and host of the Breakfast Leadership Show, a top 200 podcast on iTunes. He is a 2x Top 20 Global Thought Leader on Culture with Thinkers360. He is a former Healthcare executive, CIO, and CFO overseeing $ 2 Billion budgets, so he’s seen and done it all.
    His main keynotes are:
    1. Burnout Prevention: How To Avoid Your Own Year of Worst-Case Scenarios 2. Workplace Culture: Create A Workplace That People Will Beg To Work With 3. Working Remotely With Boundaries: How To Accomplish More At Home, Without Burning Out