Things hardly go as planned. That’s why many people always prepare a backup plan when their initial scheme encounters some setbacks. But those who found their plans to work to a tee tend to stick with what they started, especially if it yields good results. 

Manuel Godoy, the comic book artist behind “Black Sands: The Seven Kingdoms,” is one person who believes in sticking to plans. Because of his dedication, he is now regarded as  the only black comic publisher who’s earning millions while telling stories that most people would find “unmarketable.” 

Stick To The Plan 

For a person to grow in any area of their life, Manuel advises them to stick to the plans that they’ve made and avoid getting distracted by opportunities. This way, they can achieve their initial goals faster and more efficiently.

This piece of advice comes from firsthand experience since Manuel himself had to devise a new plan for his career and stick to it. 

Originally, Manuel wanted to be a video game developer but he did not have the means to finish his first project. He later pivoted to a more sustainable career in comics. Little did he know that it would turn out so well. 

With the success of his career as a comic book artist, Manuel dedicated himself to developing what he started by focusing on the next milestone that he and the team behind the Black Sands series can achieve.

But now, many readers, especially Black parents and students, enjoy the content that Manuel depicts in his comic book series. This is because “Black Sands: The Seven Kingdoms” exclusively focuses on Black history, before slavery became rampant, which is an extremely overlooked genre. 

Overcoming Early Challenges 

According to Manuel, raising their capital was the biggest struggle since it is a pivot point. 

“Success means you move into the next level of the corporate hierarchy, while failure may kill your career forever,” he said. 

For years, there were only four people who helped Manuel develop the amazing visuals of the Black Sands Universe. But as his comic book series became popular, so did his income. Now, they have dozens of people offering their services to develop Manuel’s comic book. 

“I work from home and spend most of my day with my wife, Geiszel Godoy. My team is international, so it isn’t unusual to see me having scheduled meetings at 2 AM,” Manuel said. 

The Black Sands team’s present goal is to reach an annual income of $10 million while finishing up the first season of Black Sands, the anime. Once that is done, licensing could go beyond 100 million.

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