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The Covid-19 pandemic has grown without hindrance all across the globe. Countries are taking safety precautions seriously, and higher authorities are imposing social distancing norms with higher effect. In this scenario, face masks have become an integral part of safety precautions as stressed by international authorities. Studies reveal that when you cover your face in a public place, it reduces your risk of contemplating the disease. Since the disease is novel, the manufacturing of the vaccine will take time. Irrespective of a continued effort by international authorities and scientists all across, the cases of COVID-19 are increasing. In this scenario, people must understand the significance of safety precautions and the crucial impact of face masks on their physical and mental health.

Surveys reveal that men refuse to use face coverings when in a public place in comparison to women. This gender division is because of several factors. Studies have shown that men are reluctant to use personal protective equipment. It has become a trend during the pandemic. Despite the seriousness of COVID-19, individuals failed to understand the severity of the issue. Data available on a large scale reveals that death rates are higher among men. The fact that coronavirus is an airborne disease is well-established.

The spread of the virus via small droplets suspended in the air through cough or sneeze is known. International authorities suggest that covering the face, whether indoors or outdoors, and maintaining social distance from infected individuals are essential. Hence, irrespective of their gender, people must understand the severity of the issue and take steps to rectify the same.

Ignorance on the part of men

Even though safety precautions may reduce the risk of being affected by the virus, men fail to understand the significance. Recent analysis reveals that male behavior is devoid of evidence. They believe that face coverings are not mandatory for them and feel that their immune system is fit and fine. In this scenario, women are twice as likely to wear face masks, whether indoor or outdoor.

Studies reveal that the fundamental reason why men are reluctant towards wearing a mask. Is that they feel they will not be affected by the disease. It is an ironic judgment as official statistics reveal that the virus impacts men more than women.

In addition to this, several studies reveal that men are less likely to wash their hands at regular intervals. The recent poll finds out that around 65% of women and only 52% of men frequently wash their hands.

Gender triumphs in political scenarios

Political affiliations all across the world have strongly influenced the way men and women behave during COVID-19. Worldwide research has revealed that around 76% of voters declare they have been wearing a mask. Of this 76%, the number of women is more than that of men. Gender is a vital factor when defining behavior. Irrespective of the party you belong to, gender differences in safety precautions are significant.

The overconfidence of men

Behavioral scientists have been conducting research, all across the world, on the gender divide in using face masks. A vast body of academics suggests a difference in the approach by men and women. Simple observation suggests that women are more mindful in comparison to men. One of the reasons behind this is that men are relatively overconfident regarding their immune system and health. According to Eric Dalius, not only during the pandemic but also in previous epidemics, the same behavior got observed. These studies suggest that irrespective of your gender, you must take safety precautions seriously. Hand washing and use of face coverings are essential among them.

Is carelessness a reason behind men’s attitude?

Along with academic research, real-life evidence also reveals that men are not careful. In this connection, you may take the example of car insurance providers who have charged women with lower premiums because they believe that men are the reason behind most road accidents. Another example reveals that most of the unavoidable and observed deaths worldwide show that they are 90% men. All this draws the attention of readers towards the carelessness of men and their overconfidence. Sometimes, gender stereotypes come in the way of social distancing norms. According to Eric J Dalius, they justify the evidence of men not wearing a mask. They feel that they are more rigid than women and believe in having the immune system to protect them from the virus. These stereotypes have come in the way of combating the virus. It is a significant reason why there is an increase in the number of Corona cases among men. These days, awareness campaigns target the male public. It is because they feel that gender differences persist in areas where face coverings become mandatory. Statistics reveal that despite being aware of the evidence, men do not take safety precautions seriously.

Irrespective of the statistics, one thing needs attention: the use of safety precautions for protecting yourself from the virus. The disturbing news of increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases has necessitated individuals to take their social distancing norms and self-quarantine measures seriously. The need of the hour is a positive attitude towards safety precautions.

Several digital platforms come with reliable information on the kind of mask you must use when indoors and outdoors. Also, there are digital courses you may undertake for making a face mask for yourself. Individuals need to have an adequate understanding of the kind of cover and its effectiveness.

Studies reveal that there has been a change in the attitude of people towards face masks. Although the number among men is low, it has now emerged as a mandatory protocol. International authorities are imposing general public guidelines effectively. Face masks worn by medical workers or people with Covid-19 symptoms need to be of a good standard. The general public is also making use of face coverings. All you need is a positive approach towards the scenario and cautiousness towards the significance of safety precautions.

Keep in mind that when you protect yourself, you reduce the risk of transmitting the virus. Since it is a respiratory tract disease, tiny particles, which are adjourned, in the environment may affect you when you are in the public arena.