Miki Agrawal, Social Entrepreneur

While it may seem like the world is in a state of perpetual flux these days (hello, pandemic), now is actually a perfect time to spread those entrepreneurial wings. No matter the global climate or current events, it will be hard. There will be challenges, some of which will be pure growing pains, while others may be hyper time-specific. However, entrepreneurship is also a journey unlike any other. There’s no time like the present to turn ideas into action. For anyone who has dreamed of creating a brand new product, disrupting antiquated industries, or crafting a meaningful professional existence, today’s obstacles can actually provide the framework for uninterrupted drive, prowess, and persistence.

See The Opportunity In The Uncertainty

In every downturn, there is an opportunity to learn, tinker, and reassess what’s important. Instead of succumbing to the status quo, current entrepreneurs have the capacity to recognize the things that have gone so horribly wrong and change them. In times of great change and uncertainty, they have the power to really take a look around, and see the ways in which the general public is adopting new ideas, and shedding old ones. 

For example, many largely successful and modern companies were born as a direct answer to the Great Recession of 2008. During that period, where job security seemed like a notion of the past, great thinkers saw this transitional period as an opportunity to shake things up. They accepted that things would never be the same again. They didn’t try to hold on to the old ways of hiring processes, corporate organization, or professional communication. Instead, they thought, “We’re in the Great Recession. We’re here. What do we need to do to get out of it? What antiquated systems have led to this place? How can we take charge to ensure that we change the world for the better?” From these hard-hitting realizations, companies like Venmo, Slack, and WhatsApp were born.

Think About What Still Stinks

Sure, humanity has made some great advancements that make life easier, safer, and a little more sustainable. From wireless headphones to recyclable steel, we’ve come a long way. However, there’s still a huge mountain to climb. From everyday products that are now obsolete (looking at you, dryer sheets) to industries that haven’t streamlined their operations in decades, there are still millions of everyday items, processes, and interactions that can be made better. Take that discontent, foster the frustration, and set out to change what still needs an entire overhaul.

Harness The Power Of Communal Interest

As the world becomes increasingly more globalized and interconnected, communities of like-minded individuals are coming together to share ideas, discuss needed change, and take action. As a result, growing numbers of people are more educated about the systemic problems of the world (climate change, waste, wealth inequality, should I keep going?) and are turning this education into action. Consumers now value where and how their goods are being created, individuals are making choices based on their environmental impacts, and companies are evolving their practices to meet the growing desires of consumers.

For eager entrepreneurs interested in creating sustainable change, now is the time to harness the power of communal interest. From figuring out cleaner ways to provide a service to creating products that are recyclable and sustainable, today’s entrepreneurs have the backing of a growing community of like-minded consumers to propel their ideas.

Don’t Get Bogged Down By Self-Doubt

While many brilliant thinkers have fantastic ideas, they often get bogged down by so many misconceptions about entrepreneurship. There are so many taboos out there about being a business owner, ranging from “Your chances of success are one in million!” to “It’s all-consuming!” and these misconceptions scare off potentially successful entrepreneurs at an alarming rate. Guess what? Many of these common thoughts aren’t accurate. At least, they don’t have to be. 

For entrepreneurs with a “big idea”, now is a great time to figure out the steps needed to transition that idea into an actionable business. With more professional flexibility at our fingertips than ever before, now is a great time to disrupt the outdated notion of entrepreneurship, and to dispel the looming notions that it has to be this overarching and overwhelming prospect. Cut through the noise, the self-doubts, and the misconceptions to gain undisputed clarity about entrepreneurship, and why now is the perfect time to disrupt the status quo.