Since the internet has become a relevant platform that many rely on nowadays, people have found a source of information from people who willingly share their lives online to inspire and entertain audiences everywhere. 

Among the many internet influencers is Nuriia Kamieva from Kyrgyzstan. Through her Instagram page, she gets to deal in various transactions while leaving a positive impact on her millions of followers by showing how she’s a good mother to her four sons. 

‘You Have The Right To Choose How You Live’ 

Presently, Nuriia has 4.5 million followers on Instagram. Her audience has supported her through her endeavors and draws inspiration from Nuriia. This trust has instilled in her a sense of responsibility to provide good advice so that people can lead better lives. 

But Nuriia believes that their development doesn’t begin with her. After all, she’s just a human who’s also prone to change. So instead of changing their lives because of her, she advises people to take charge of their future.

As an influencer, Nuriia can only go so far as to inspire others. But if her lifestyle doesn’t match with what some of her followers want to hear or see, they’ll feel stressed or burned out in pursuit of the life they want. 

She emphasizes that people need to be a leader for themselves so they can be free of mundane pressures and feel motivated towards their personal goals. 

For Nuriia, people have the right to choose how they live, which is why they should make the appropriate choices that could help them lead a better one. 

Living Her Life On Her Terms 

Before Nuriia became a presence in the online space, she was looking for ways to create a balance between her work and private life, especially since she had three sons at the time who needed her care and attention. 

In her attempt to find a new career, Nuriia opened her own company where she dabbled in brokerage in the commercial real estate industry where she makes deals for owners who are looking for tenants and buyers. 

Throughout her other business ventures, Nuriia discovered that all the paths led me to social networks and new contacts to expand the client base. One day, she installed Instagram and realized that the possibilities on the internet are not limited by anything.

“At the very beginning, I continued to conduct business in law on social networks and maintained my account on Instagram,” she shared.  

From that moment on, her life began to change because more and more of her subscribers began to show interest in her personal life and the success of raising the boys.

For more information on Nuriia Kamieva, visit her Instagram page