Nuts and diabetes

Nuts are considered the best snacks for diabetes patients, as nuts are full of nutrients and benefits that a diabetes person needs.

Nuts have high fiber, protein, and low carbs, and high good fats. They give a feeling of fullness, thus reducing the need for unhealthy snacks before or after meals. They aid in weight loss that can be a great support to an obese that also has diabetes.  Health fat in nuts also protects your heart from damage caused by diabetes.  The heart-friendly monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat in nuts lower the cholesterol deposits in blood arteries. The nuts at the same time raise good cholesterol HDL. The action of nuts clears blood arteries of any plaque that reduces blood circulation. Let us study the nuts which will help us in type 2 diabetes.


Obesity encourages diabetes and puts an obese man at risk. Walnuts give the feeling of fullness, and aid in weight loss by preventing the need for snacks before meals.   Alpha lipoic acid in walnuts lowers of inflammation, which in turn reduces the risk of diabetes.

Omega 3 fatty acid in walnuts clears blood vessels of any waxy substance that blocks blood circulation. The same omega acid is found in fish, which is considered a heart-friendly diet. Walnuts are recommended to males who are prescribed Generic Viagra 150 mg by doctors to overcome erection issues. Walnuts along with a healthy diet and exercises will reduce the need for erection boosting supplements.


Almonds cut the cardiovascular disease risk for type 2 diabetic patients. Again, the fiber in the nut manages blood sugar levels; keep it at the stable level. Medical experts give another strong reason for taking almonds. The magnesium in almonds normalizes blood pressure; ensures control over blood glucose levels, and promotes bone health. Often many diabetic patients are deficient in magnesium, which increases their health risk.


Research on pistachio found that it improved the blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. The monounsaturated fat in pistachio also lowers bad cholesterol.  Cholesterol formation is a double risk for a diabetes man, as it increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Pistachios can be used as a standalone snack or mixed with other items to increase the nutrient value of meals. It can also be sprinkled over desserts to make them better for your health.


Protein content and fiber makes humble peanuts diabetes friendly snacks. The peanuts also have low glycemic index, which means that peanuts will not have any impact on rise in blood sugar levels. Peanuts can be part of the nuts or can be taken as standalone. Add peanuts parts to your meals to enhance the nutrient value of meals.

Both American and British studies found peanuts effective in reducing cholesterol levels.  Reducing bad cholesterol increases heart health, as it makes the heart reduce the strain on the heart in pumping blood throughout the body.


Cashews also cut the bad cholesterol in blood arteries by increasing good cholesterol.  The benefits of cashews for a diabetic person were established by a study group. The study showed this nut lowers blood pressure. It also increases the HDL cholesterol levels. The study did not find any adverse impact on blood glucose levels or weight gain after consuming cashews for 12 weeks.

The positive impact on blood circulation by nuts helps males to increase the erection process naturally. Males on the Generic Viagra 200mg suggested by doctors can reduce their dependence by increasing the intake of nuts in their diets.


Nuts are offered as a natural remedy to diabetes patients to keep the blood sugar levels under control. However, some nuts have higher fat content, which may lead to weight gain if consumption is beyond normal safe limits. Talk to a nutritionist to get a clear idea about nuts’ safe consumption.

Avoid salty nuts snacks which are easily available in small packs in the market. Go for nuts without salt and preservatives to gain the benefits mentioned here.  Make nuts part of a balanced diet to ensure greater health benefits.