Technology has influenced almost all sectors. The most recent of them all is the education field, which has seen massive transformations. Today, it’s almost like everything is getting done online, including shopping. So, why not have education online too?

The debate on whether online tutoring will or can replace teachers in the future is one that has elicited mixed reactions. Stakeholders in the education sector argue that technology can only assist in learning, but cannot control the process entirely. Thus, there is still a need for teachers in classrooms.

However, technology experts have made several improvements that are set to prove the credibility of their learning system. There are a lot of tutoring websites nowadays, and it is imperative to understand whether they are viable or not. Therefore, to understand the advantage of online tutoring over teachers, it is necessary first to have a bright look at how it works.

Online learning tools give both the students and teachers a myriad of resources for learning. Some of these resources would not be possible without the inception of technology-based learning. The best part is that this is not tied to location, as students can access the resources from any place.

Even though there are numerous criticisms against online tutoring, we are on the cusp of change in the education sector. And the fact is that change is inevitable.

Who thought that shopping could be done online? And this is why when the technology came into place, a lot of people were a bit skeptical.

However, millions of people use online shopping today, and it has passed as one of the most effective tools in commerce. It is only a matter of time before the same shift happens in education. With most activities going digital, the traditional classroom setting is soon to be outdated. There are numerous reasons why web-based learning has risen the ranks of education and will soon replace teachers. Also, its benefits are seen, and that is why it has become quite popular.

The first distinct advantage of this system is the price-point. Online tutoring is cheaper by a greater extent and has made conventional learning seem expensive. The reality is that higher education costs a lot and many can’t afford it. And that is most likely the reason why most people can’t access it easily.

The onset of online tutoring has made it easier and more affordable for everyone to access learning. The best part is that the level of education is the same but at a lesser cost. It is now easier to earn a degree or any other certificate online than it is in schools. In essence, some subjects are available online for free.

With online tutoring, you can attend a class at Harvard without physically being present there. Even when you are miles away from your target school, it is possible to learn from it with other students, thanks to this brilliant technology.

Mobility and direct access to education, from wherever in the world, is the future. Also, even if it won’t fully replace teachers, online tutoring reduces their workload by a significant margin. The tasks teachers used to have in the past have now been cut down thanks to this technology. For instance, they had to look for several resources for students, but this is no longer the case. Online tutoring provides first-hand resources for student learning, and this makes a better environment for them to grasp content.

Several pundits in the education sector have argued that online tutoring is more inspirational and has higher hopes of improving learning than conventional coaching.

They further go ahead to insist that this will not take long as it can happen within ten years or less. In their views, teachers will soon be no more than just classroom assistants providing additional help to students. In this case, technology will be the primary mode of teaching and learning in schools.

Also, teachers can be present to help in setting up the equipment needed for learning and to monitor the students as they use these tools. They can also exist to help the students maintain discipline. However, the installation of knowledge in student minds will be solely done through artificial intelligence and other online tutoring methods.

An online tutoring setting is also deemed to be more advanced in that it is extensive. This is due to the massive presence of numerous resources to back any studies that are undertaken by students.

Unlike teachers who have limited resources, the former has all it takes to provide answers to fundamental questions. There is a lot to what the future holds when it comes to online tutoring.

While this may seem like a fallacy or fiction, the reality will soon hit us when online training has taken over the education sector.