For Orlando based model and actor Bryan Jeremy, his motivation to continually pursue success goes much deeper than just him. His mother came to America from Jamaica knowing that she wanted to have a child and provide that child a better life. Jeremy has reaped the benefits of his mother’s bravery and willingness to take a huge risk just to put her child in a better situation. Because of this, he strives each day to be at his best when it comes to his craft and loves nothing more than making her proud and showing her why it was worth it to take the gamble and come to America. 

Evidently enough, his mother’s risk taking personality was passed on to Jeremy. Even when all of his family discouraged him from pursuing a career in modeling, he went all in regardless. Not only was it frowned upon by his family, it’s a massively competitive and cutthroat industry. Yet through it all, his gamble has paid off in a massive way. He’s had the peace of mind knowing that he’s chasing his dreams on a daily basis, and is gratified knowing that he can block out the outside noise and live with the results of his decision to pursue his dreams. Better still, it’s extremely satisfying to know that no one else can tell him what his potential is.

Nowadays, Jeremy spends his time networking, attending photo shoots, catching flights for gigs, and taking trips for business. While it takes a toll mentally, he truly wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

On top of wishing he got a heads up for how hectic the job can be, he wishes he was told to develop thicker skin from the start. Oftentimes, there are harsh, blunt and brutally honest critiques, and Jeremy has seen people break down and even quit on their dreams. Just as he had to toughen up and believe in himself when he first got started, he’s become incredibly mentally tough and resilient as a result of being in the modeling industry for a period of time. 

Jeremy credits his grandmother for the perseverance and compassion he possesses today, and the lessons she taught him are amongst the most important things that shaped him into the man he is today. His work ethic would not be the same had she not had such a strong influence on him, and he’s learned to become the best man he can be to make her proud and continue striving for excellence. 

Even with all of his success and overcoming adversity, he’s still candid about both his successes and failures. While it may seem to an outside observer that Jeremy has become incredibly successful in a short period of time, no one sees what he’s had to overcome and deal with along the way. To Jeremy, failures breed strength and intestinal fortitude, and from that strength comes hope. Being candid about failure gives hope for the future, because failing is the worst case scenario and failure teaches lessons that few other things can teach. 

Jeremy also says that being candid about failures also builds character. It gives credibility with others as they’ll be able to look at him and know that he can look at himself in the mirror and be confident in the person looking back at him. Above all, being able to share his failures and struggles gives motivation to others to strive for greatness and challenge themselves on a daily basis. It helps spread good energy and positivity, two things that Jeremy says we can all use more of. 

Being in modeling also has some pretty incredible perks. Jeremy has been able to meet many world renowned models and influencers, and one story in particular was when he met Renee Bahagwandeen from America’s Next Top Model. He was in awe of her beauty and accomplishments, and was overwhelmed that he was actually able to meet her in person. He was able to work with her and be mentored by her, and says it was an amazing experience. Even crazier yet, with the path Bryan Jeremy is on it would come as a shock to no one if he winds up becoming as successful as her and mentoring the next generation of aspiring models. 
Jeremy can be contacted via  Instagram @iambryanjeremy, via his agency, Deco Models: 1-305-673-1900 or via email, [email protected]