For years and years Bulletproof Profits men have been the ones who have gone to work and brought home a paycheck to their families. In recent years more and more women have entered the workplace but, in most cases men are still viewed as the ones who are suppose to bring home the bacon. That’s why when many men talk about working from home it scares a lot of people.

Many wives may not be supportive of their husbands leaving the “safe” environment of their jobs to start a career at home. Well I’m here to tell you that a man who works from home is a great thing! Here are the top four reasons why “real men” work from home!

When you work for yourself you’ll be free of the office environment that can be so very toxic. You won’t have a boss or nosey co-workers. You won’t be fighting for that promotion or dealing with office politics. Sure starting a home based business isn’t going to be stress free. But it will be a whole lot less stressful than staying in a bad work environment.

When you’re happier and less stressed out because of work you’ll be a better husband, friend and father.Not to say that you can’t have a sense of accomplishment working in an office but, there is nothing like the feeling of being the CEO of your own company and building it from top to bottom. When people feel accomplished and satisfied they are better at all other parts of their life.