Why relationship is important

Many wonder why anyone should try to get back to one’s ex after broken relationship. Perhaps, one has not experienced the feeling of missing someone who is not around. It is in human nature to devalue any asset or relationship when it is readily and easily available or accessible. In other words, people take relationships for granted and pay not much attention. Only an experienced person understands the true emotional nature of bonds to objects and people, while most only understand when they get first hand experience of losing an object or relationship. Though, attachments to people through relationships far outweighs attachments to inanimate objects.

Role of bonds in relationship

We develop emotional bonds to almost everything we possess, own, or live with. For example, if we own inanimate subjects like mobile phones, car, or home we develop strong bonds and keep memories associated with them. We feel the pain when we have to let go any of them even when we know it serves no more good purpose in our lives. This, indeed, explains why we, most of the times, cannot let go of the junk at our homes. Further, we develop much deeper bonds with our pets. We feel the loss when we lose our pets and, indeed, most of us keep memories of our pets for long time.

Developing relationships with others

Similarly, when it comes to relationships, it is deepest of all bonds humans develop compared to any other animate or inanimate objects. However, we neglect to value and nurture our relationships to live unhappy life with our family members. Our ego, jealousy, anger are some of reasons why we devalue our relationship.

Nonetheless, we feel the most painful emotions when we lose someone close to us and remorseful that we did not spend enough time with them. This normally happens between spouses, bothers and sisters, parents, friends etc. When we lose our relationship or lose someone altogether for another world, we feel the irrecoverable loss and grieve for long time. Indeed, humans are social animals and need relationships to survive and develop as matured individuals.

Handling broken relationships

When it comes to separations, it is never easy. Most of us know from previous experiences. The pain may possibly go on for days and weeks without end, at times even longer. They are often emotionally exhausting. Some of the issues that people have, following loss in relationship, consist of a loss of appetite, changes in sleeping patterns, and a yearning to be back in the relationship.

Saving relationships

Though not every relationship saved, there are a reasonable number of couples benefited from relationships advice. It is important to be aware that each relationship is different. Notwithstanding, there are often a couple of similarities between relationships and break ups as well.  Moreover, one must understand that a broken relationship is due to broken trust and faith with each other. When the basic tenet of mutual understanding is broken, relationship snaps between two spouses, for example.

Overcoming fear to bridge broken relationship

If you really like to attempt to get back together with your former lover, but are still scared of making the attempt you must know that those emotions are entirely common. Letting fear overshadow the possibility to get back with your ex partner should not come in between. Keep aside your opinions and biases about ideal relationships or failed relationships, instead, make an honest attempt to rebuild the broken bond. Try rebuild the trust and  bond by a open, heart-to-heart talk with your ex partner.

Further, one must understand why pleading and humiliating self will not work and may possibly backfire by alienating one’s former partner. Fortunately, there still a possibility to succeed even if one has previously made particular mistakes and fear it is too late.


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