If you pay attention, you’ll come to see that many of best and brightest are flocking to remote jobs. Regardless of the field, remote work attracts the cream of the crop when it comes to employees. If you’re asking why, we’ve got a few theories.

When you’re a top candidate in any field, that allows you to have some amount of say in who you work for and where you work from. As remote work becomes more and more of a common happening across the globe, top candidates find themselves more and more drawn into the freedom and flexibility of workplace that it offers.

If there was ever a reason to turn your company remote, this may be it. Here are four reasons why we believe remote work attracts the highest contenders.

1) Top Employees Are Skilled at Working Independently

Not everybody can work independently. It takes somebody who is strong-willed and confident in their abilities to produce results without hand-holding. Sound like a top applicant?

While harnessing top employee skills is vital to company success, it can’t just be grabbed, put into a cubicle, and bottled up. Instead, remote managers who really want to see their employees doing their best work need to be sure that their employees are at their happiest. Allowing employees to work from home is one way to offer them the independence and space they need to do great things. (After all, how much work can you really get done in a cubicle?).

2) Top Employees Want More Out of Life

If you work hard, it’s because you have drive. If you have drive, you probably want more out of life besides sitting behind a desk in a blank-walled office all of your days. Perhaps you want to travel to China, to Prague, to Russia? Remote employers need to remember that this drive to see the world is a good thing, because it can translate into a drive to work harder, smarter, and in a more inspired state of mind.

For those people who want the most out of life and to live it to its fullest, remote work offers the perfect combination of security and freedom. Hence, you’ll be attracting some top-notch candidates if you’re hiring for a remote position.

3) Top Employees Want to Work for the Best Companies Regardless of Location

The best employees can be found all over the globe, not just in whatever city your company is headquartered in. And on the flip side of this, the best companies aren’t always to be found in the same city that top employees are located. See what we’re getting at here?

Top dogs are attracted top companies, which means that they don’t often limit their work search to positions which are local. If you post a job opening for a position that can be filled remotely, you’ll be appealing to people all around the world, including star candidates anywhere there’s wifi.

4) Top Employees Are Interested in Working with Innovative Companies

Along with wanting to work with the best and most profitable companies around the globe, top employees also want to work with the most innovative companies around the globe. When it comes to remote work, companies that engage in it are demonstrating their foresight of the future and taking advantage of all of the benefits that technology has afforded us.

There’s no better way to attract the most advanced and contemporary employees than by showing them that your company is an equal match.

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