We have all experienced rough times in our lives. Sometimes, it doesn’t take long to get through it, and other times, we really have to grit our teeth to get to the other side. We very often use the bad times to remind ourselves that it is worth working back towards the good times. But what many of us forget, is that you can also use the good times to build up resistance for the next time life throws you a curveball. This is called resilience, and I think it is a vitally important ingredient in a healthy life.

Resilience is an incredibly useful tool, and we can take the time to build resilience in a myriad different ways. Resilience is that quality that can help us quit bad habits, weather a storm, perform better at work, finish your studies, support others in need, and just be better persons overall.

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  1. Good health is priceless

We all overindulge from time to time, and there is no need to feel guilty. After all, what is life withoutenjoyment. But it is also important to look after yourself physically. Studies have shown that times ofstress makes us more susceptible to illnesses and depression. By taking care of your body with theright foods, the right attitude and enough relaxation, we make sure that we are tough enough to beresilient when the moment calls for it.

2. It’s not just about you

The most resilient people are not resilient just because they have inner strength. They are resilientbecause they have strong people around them. We should remember that friends are not just therefor when we need them. When things are going well, remember to look after your friends and yournetworks. Make sure they are healthy and help where you can. Then, when times are tough, youknow you can count on them the way they can count on you.

3.Understand why you are doing it

Having resilience is a lofty ideal because it is a tiny step towards making the planet a better place.When you are resilient, you have enough spare energy to see others in need and help them whenthey need it. Resilience presents itself in many different ways. Sometimes, something as seeminglysmall as doing volunteer work can help you build your resilience. And seeing the difference you makein the lives of others will only strengthen your resolve to continue along your path.

4. Start now

Taking the first step towards greater resilience is not as difficult as you may think. If you think about it, there is already something in your life that is not too difficult to do, but that you have been putting off since forever. Set yourself a deadline and get that thing done. The relief you feel will be the fuel for further work towards making you a more resilient person.

I believe resilience takes practice. It is not something built overnight. We have to implement daily tasks that eventually turn into habits and become part of our routine life. Remember that a thousand mile journey starts with a single step and so too does becoming resilient.