Unlike many of his peers in the trading industry, Rodney B is not driven by his own self-interests. Rather than being motivated by profiting off his investments in the markets as much as possible, he instead is focused on providing a high percentage of winning plays to the thousands of members in his group that take his investment “signals”. These signals are essentially plays that Rodney alerts, and the members are free to follow them in hopes of profiting off Rodney’s expert analysis. 

Not only does Rodney work tirelessly to provide value and deliver profits to this group, but he also does it for free. He is incredibly selfless in business and in life, and his desire to help others make money off of the markets is evidence of this. After spending years and thousands of dollars learning how to trade the hard way, he acts as a reliable source for thousands of people to generate a solid stream of income. 

A key reason why Rodney is able to devote so much of his time to helping others is that he’s already achieved a lot of his personal goals. From a young age, he knew that he wanted to be financially free as an adult and not have to ever work for anyone else. With this in mind, Rodney knew that trading was his best option to becoming financially free. 

The start of Rodney’s career was far from pretty. He lost thousands of dollars on courses and signals from so-called “gurus”, and lost far more than that in the markets. Rather than cutting his losses and moving onto the next venture, Rodney studied for months on end to become profitable. 

Finally, after being down to his last bit of income, Rodney’s fortunes changed. He got consistent with his investments, and he’s grown into one of the most dynamic full-time investors in the industry. He’s now financially free and has more time on his hands to give back and pursue other ventures to further his career.

Being able to make an income from his laptop has also allowed Rodney to begin traveling the world. He’s currently a digital nomad bouncing from country to country, spends most of his time trading, interacting with his group, reading, or studying the markets, and is making plans for what’s next in his career. While he’s not set on exactly what his next move is yet, it’s certain that whatever Rodney pursues next will disrupt the industry in a big way.