Contrary to popular belief, adopting the usage of artificial intelligence in the hiring process may lead you to hire better employees. There are still challenges in adjusting AI to understand humanistic views and needs, but studies show that this technology can help find the ideal candidate. Your challenge lies in understanding what AI is and how it can work for you and your business. Here are some examples of how AI can assess potential employees for you.


Limiting your interviews to applicants that best align with your needs is an obstacle for many employers. Countless person-hours are spent on screening tests and applications in order to isolate an ideal group of prospective employees. With the help of artificial intelligence, the search is less cumbersome and time-consuming. Artificial intelligence uses your predetermined metrics when searching for an ideal applicant. One example of this is scanning resumes for specific skill keywords, eliminating all the lacking ones. In addition to collecting profiles, AI prioritizes candidates for you to interview.


Micro-expressions are the minute responses that candidates give that tend to be undetected by standard human analysis. Artificial intelligence collects micro-expressions from tests or questionnaires that applicants take. These candidates are even evaluated via video content and strategic puzzles. The end result is an employee profile that determines how well your applicant aligns with your business needs.


Likely the most reliable aspect of AI within the hiring process is its ability to process more data per second than the average person can in a day. Shifting through thousands of applications is time-consuming and results in decision fatigue. When you’re not at your mental or physical best, you’re likely to overlook minute details as you work. Relying on AI lets you evaluate thousands of candidates at once.


Businesses integrate AI into their workflows without compromising their own ability to judge candidates or dictate how their hiring process is administered. Artificial intelligence is only an aid as you forward hiring campaigns like you usually would. This is an important detail, for you must understand that you aren’t being replaced. Your ability to analyze, collect data and prioritize is simply enhanced with AI.

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