Not so long ago it was a real problem to take your music with you while travelling. Before smart phones flooded the market, making music available everywhere, people couldn’t just take their record collection with them so they were keeping their fingers crossed that MTV or the local radio station would play their favorite songs.

If you travel alone then the your best travel companion would be a good book or  your playlist.

Music can greatly improve your travel experience. Just imagine the excitement of creating a special playlist for your new road trip and burning it on a CD. And after that there is the satisfaction of listening to all the songs you like on that trip. It’s priceless.

Most of the time there is some music playing in the background. Whether you are at a bar or a restaurant, a supermarket or a local store, there is always music present. Maybe you like it, maybe you don’t but it’s still there.

Just like music can make you feel great and list your mood, it can also ruin your moment. Imagine listening to Christmas carols in August, or listening to bagpipes in the elevator. Of course, some of you might like that, but certainly not everyone. 

Sometimes music can trigger more memories that looking at photos from a certain travel. To be more precise, the music will trigger your feelings too. 

What are the advantages of listening to music while travelling

As you already know music can make your entire travelling experience better. However, we have to list a few advantages of listening to music while travelling.

If you feel sickness while you travel music can music can help you occupy your mind, so you will definitely feel much better if you don’t thing what are you going to do if the sickness begins. According to some studies listening to music is the best therapy for motion sickens and nausea.

There are many things that can make your travelling time uncomfortable. Luckily, music can lift your mind, take you to a different place and make you feel unaware of the surrounding. And this is something we definitely need in such situations.

Listening to music while you re on the plane can help you fall asleep and rest during the flight. Using a pair of noise cancelling headphones or earbuds will help you isolate from the surrounding and enjoy your favorite songs without any interruption. In case you are wondering which headphones or earbuds will be best for this situation here is a nice comparison table from James.

A stressful day at work is something that can easily last for the rest of the day when you really need to relax. Music is there to decrease your stress levels, help you calm down. and the best time to relieve stress would be while you are travelling home from work. At the same time less stress usually means a better sleep.

Serotonin and dopamine are chemicals naturally released in the body while we listen to relaxing music.  During your travel time you certainly need to feel good and relaxed as you are approaching the desired destination.

Final Words

Some people will choose a good book to be their companion during a long trip. Others will choose a long list of favorite songs. Whatever you choose you won’t make a mistake. So, go ahead and create your playlist for your everyday trips. Also make another one for longer road trips. It’s easy to make music your everyday companion.  It will definitely make you feel better and make any trip memorable.