+++ HOT OR COLD +++

How do you like your coffee or tea? Hot or cold?

What about having it lukewarm where it’s neither hot or cold?

I’m not one who likes my coffee or tea extra hot. My tongue just cannot take it.

Yet, there are people who refuse to have their coffee or tea without it being very hot. I don’t know how one can tolerate such heat yet some do.

Are you one of those?

I must say, on a very cold day, I like it extra hot but simply to warm my hands as I wrap my fingers around the body of the cup. Forget about the handle on those days.

Here’s what I know, our tongue is the temperature gauge for the coffee. It is what informs you about the temperature of the coffee. It provides feedback. It acts like a thermometer.

Isn’t that so?

What you do with that feedback is entirely up to you. You have the information to decide whether or not you drink the coffee the way it is or not. Right?

If you decide to do something about it, you are agreeing with your tongue-the thermometer-that the temperature of the drink needs adjustment so you can enjoy it one way or the other.

What you did was to act like a thermostat and also as a thermometer.

Your tongue acted as a thermometer when it “measured” the temperature of the drink. When you made the necessary adjustment, you became the thermostat.

These two actions are what leaders ought to be doing on an ongoing basis as they seek to create an environment where their people are motivated, engaged, and inspired to do their best work at all levels.

This is a crucial skill for leaders.

It means they must be emotionally intelligent enough to be self and socially aware of both their emotions and the emotions of those around them.

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