Stretching is an important part of staying healthy. Stretching helps you maintain flexibility, which is something that decreases as we get older. If your muscles are flexible, you will be less likely to injure yourself while performing low-intensity activities such as walking or moving furniture, says Georges Chahwan. Flexible muscles also allow human body parts to move more easily and with a greater range of motion than inflexible ones, so you can expect to be able to do things like tying your shoes without worrying about injuring yourself if you spend some time stretching each day!

Not only that but stretching actually makes your ligaments stronger than they would otherwise be. So not only does it help prevent injuries, but it can even strengthen your ligaments over time and keep your body healthy in general!

In addition to maintaining flexibility, stretching helps prevent injuries. All of the muscles in your body work together to allow you to move, and when a muscle is tight it can cause a problem for its neighbors, adds Georges Chahwan. And if a muscle becomes so tight that it pulls on your ligaments or tendons, this could result in an injury. This is why thorough stretching before any kind of exercise is so important- being flexible will help keep you safe from harm during even high-intensity workouts!