Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

Technology allows us to get more done in a shorter amount of time—plus it provides the tools to manage our safety and well-being.

On one hand, technology can be distracting and harm our self esteem. But on the flip side, it allows us to multi-task, communicate, and protect ourselves in ways we wouldn’t be able to on our own. The more technology evolves, the better we’re able to handle the many demands of modern life that could otherwise derail us. 

For instance, in recent years, the number of women who live alone has increased. Booms in home security help people feel safer in their own homes, and instant messaging makes it easier to make plans. Another example is the advent of online schooling. More people have opportunities to earn degrees regardless of their schedule. 

Between smart home automation, GPS tracking, health monitoring apps, and social media, technology keeps us safer, healthier, and better connected. 

Here are a few ways technology can make your life easier: 

  • Feel safer
  • Organize your life 
  • Make more reliable online payments
  • Connect with loved ones 

Feel safer

As home security and smart home systems become more advanced, more people feel safer in their own homes. And it’s more than just a feeling of safety: Security systems deter crime and lower burglary rates. 

Video surveillance help us vet unexpected visitors, personal alert systems let us keep tabs on our doors and windows, and smart locks allow us to lock up when we’re away from home. Even better, there’s a myriad of ways you can secure your home, and you can customize your security system for your home and budget. 

Security systems aside, health gadgets also remind us to take care of ourselves. Smartwatches like the Apple Watch remind us when to get our steps in, and medical alert systems dispatch help when we need it. 

Organize your life

Smartphones allow you to organize photos , plan your day, and shoot a work email all in one place. Whether it’s a time management or to-do list app, modern-day technology helps you get things done. Say goodbye to sticky notes. You have everything you need on one device.  

If you’re feeling stressed about all the tasks on your docket, there are apps to help you manage your stress too. Mindfulness apps are all the rage, and thankfully, there are lots of meditation apps to choose from.

Make more reliable online payments

Thanks to digital payment technologies and cyber-security, technology-driven online payment systems have become ultra-secure. In fact, online payments are safer than in-store or offline payments. Online payments are ramping up their access requirements, requiring air-tight passcodes, fingerprints, and sometimes even facial recognition.

Paying off your credit card, phone bill, and rent or mortgage are already stressful enough. Paying your bills in one touch makes things a little more bearable. 

Plus, with payment apps and tools like Venmo and Apple Pay, you can buy whatever you want, wherever you want without opening your wallet. 

Connect with loved ones

With social media and video instant messaging apps, you can talk to your peeps as freely and often as you please. Plus, some apps like Marco Polo, allow you to send video messages even if the other person is offline. That way, you can still stay connected without typing a lengthy text or sending an email. 

Technology enables you to connect with family and friends, no matter where you live, empowering relationships, and strengthening our sense of community. 

For example, moving to a brand-new city by yourself is daunting and full of uncertainty. But between FaceTime, text messaging, and a host of social media platforms, it’s easier to make friends in your new city, and talk to your loved ones back in your hometown.  

In conclusion

Our lives are busy enough as-is. Technology helps us manage our work, finances, health, and social lives more quickly and accurately than if we tackled it all on our own. Plus, it protects our homes and personal information, empowering us to go through our day-to-day with less fear.