COACHING INDUSTRY: Since when did it become ok to ask others what you are not willing do yourself? #integrity101

This article shares what most are skirting away from talking about and today it’s time to speak up (a little louder than usual).

When I decided to be a coach and start my own business, it was because I had implemented (and continue to do so) every single thing I lovingly share and document across all my social media platforms (@staceysargison) on how to create a #lifeonyourterms.

I do not sugar coat the process/ journey/ transformation/ evolution as I believe it is up to us all, to show the realness of entrepreneurship and personal development.

I consistently share the ways I have turned my life around and create a life on my terms, how I still use and lean on my tools, resources, experience and strategies to continue through the highs and lows of life and running a business.

Not once have I ever asked a viewer, follower, attendee or client to do something or implement an action that I have not done myself.

That includes investing time, effort and MONEY. Which seems to be a swear word to some.

Yes I have invested in myself and my business and I expect those who wish to work with me, hire me, book me to speak, do the same.

If people are seeking freebies, they can watch the hundreds of hours of my live streams, be in my communities, follow me on Instagram or listen to the hours of podcasts I’ve created and been invited on.

What has any of my story, my business model, my ethics and my integrity have to do with you?

Well if you’re struggling to reach the 5K, 10K, 15K+ monthly financial goal, it might have something to do with what I am about to share.

Firstly it’s worth noting, I do believe in the power of manifesting our desires, I believe in dream boards/vision boards, I also believe in being in the vibrational frequency of what we desire…


Too many people out there are missing ONE vital piece of the puzzle. THEY ARE HIDING and yet they say they KNOW they’re here to be of service, they’re light workers, they’re healers, they’re social media gurus, they’re experts.

I call BS.

They are hiding by not truly stepping into their confidence and not behaving as the successful person they desire to be.

Herewith questions to ask and the reasons you (or someone you know) are not receiving the results they seek:

  • If YOU are asking your clients (or desiring future clients) to invest 5k, 10k, 15k+ in your services, have YOU invested that before? Have YOU taken that trusted leap in yourself?
  • Have you taken that level of financial commitment in the pursuit of the results YOU seek?
  • Are you trying to build a multiple 6 – 7 figure business/ lifestyle by simply consuming freebies and only ever contemplating low investments from your side?

After all, let’s be real…

If YOU are not willing to go ALL IN on yourself, your visions, your desires, why should anyone else give YOU a penny or cent?

If YOU are not willing to go ALL IN on the gifts you know will positively impact others, what is the point? It’s as if you’re shutting the door in the face of those who require your services.

It’s time to step up and do what is required
It’s time to have unwavering confidence
It’s time to own the gifts you have 
It’s time to be the business woman you know is being called to show up.

OR keep spinning in the cycle of wanting more, but nothing changing because you’re not taking the necessary steps to change the outcome.

On a daily basis I see epic humans who truly have incredible gifts stay in their comfort zone because, in all honesty:

They don’t believe in themselves

They don’t want change
They don’t desire to become the best possible version of themselves
They don’t want the financial abundance 
They don’t desire a different life

They ‘think’ they do.

This is the difference to those who achieve and succeed and those that don’t.

Those that see the results do so because they went ALL IN on themselves and the visions that just won’t go away.

Those that achieve financial abundance do so because they’re willing do do what it takes to show up, share and commit to themselves, their cause, their legacy.

Those that celebrate a life they once dreamt of do so because they KNEW the alternative (staying in comfort – aka stagnancy) was far more daunting than the action required to receive the results they desired.

It really is simple, those that do… DO.

Remember, your beliefs create your thoughts and your thoughts create your reality.

How’s it going for you?

Much love,
Stacey x