Theatre has a huge impact on society. It gives audiences the chance to learn more about humanity through emotions, actions, and the story being told on stage. Each story a theatrical production tells can connect to the audience in one way or another, whether it be through self-discovery, the background of certain characters, or any other reason. Not only that but the creativity and expression behind theatre makes for an evening of entertainment that many people won’t soon forget.

So how does theatre truly impact society?

Like other forms of art, the performing arts let artists communicate messages by using their bodies, voices, and inanimate objects artistically. It’s a way that people can tackle injustices they come across or tell a story that they’re dying to tell the world. Every artist involved in performing arts learns how to take constructive criticism, resolve problems, become disciplined, and persevere through even the most difficult of times. All of these qualities can be applied offstage as well as onstage, making theatre a great way to learn these skills and use them in everyday life. 

Additionally, to successfully put on a show, people need to learn how to work together. This is especially important for children involved in theatre to learn, as they need to know how to work with others to accomplish their goals. Research has shown that kids involved in theatre have a better academic performance, boosting their grades and their math skills. 

Those involved in theatre learn more than just how to act on a stage or create a set design. They have to learn marketing strategies as well since they need to advertise themselves to potential employers. Skills that are learned in theatre can easily be applied outside of theatre as well.

Theatre has lasted throughout the ages for a reason. It reflects what’s happening in society; even after the era a script is written in is long gone, the messages found within it can still be projected onto what’s happening in that next era. Examining humanity and its nature is something that will withstand time, as humans will almost always be the same: there will always be selfishness, and there will always be love. Theatre is just one of many ways to portray those emotions through storytelling.

Theatre is also a form of entertainment that can be enjoyed by the entire family. It is, first and foremost, an art that people can and will indulge in; to dismiss its importance in society is to dismiss people’s creativity and perception of the world.