Traveling to other countries can be powerful and sometimes even life-changing experience for anyone who is open to new challenges and growth. For entrepreneurs, who must learn to think on their feet and pivot as their industry requires it, it can teach several different lessons.

One thing entrepreneurs have to be good at is convincing other people to invest in their idea or give their product or service a try. This means effective, persuasive communication. Even for an entrepreneur who is good at doing this with a group that is similar to them, what happens when they move into a different demographic? Travel can be a crash course in learning how to convey an idea in a completely different environment where there is not even a common shared language.

When preparing to appeal to these different audiences, another important lesson is that making an effort matters to people. For example, people in another country may not necessarily expect language fluency, but being able to speak a few phrases, and understanding some customs goes a long way.

Seeing how different trends in other countries can be compared to the United States is another key lesson for entrepreneurs. While American culture is far-reaching and can be found in many places abroad, other countries still have their own pop culture, tastes, and trends, and it can be valuable for entrepreneurs to learn that if they expand into those places, they need to be aware of these things.

Travel teaches people to roll with whatever happens. Things often go wrong while a person is traveling, and given the language barrier and other obstacles, there are not always easy or clear resolutions available. A traveling entrepreneur learns to live with and even thrive in this uncertainty.

Finally, every successful entrepreneur knows that a huge element of business success is building relationships and making connections. Travel allows people to make far-flung connections that may last for years or a lifetime. Often they are made by chance, simply because of chatting with a local or a fellow traveler.

Travel can be fun, but there are additional advantages to it. It can teach lessons in a way that few other experiences can, and entrepreneurs and others headed for success can embrace those lessons.