Dating apps are nothing new to Americans, especially since 32 million people in the United States will use one at some point in the next year. These apps make it easy for those looking to meet new people, make friends, or adjust to a new setting after a change or move. Whether it’s the busy career or business executive, or someone who plain struggles to chat with people in-person, online dating has completely transformed the dating and relationship landscape for generations to come. 

While there are hundreds of matching apps, none actually help people navigate the complex trajectory of dating and relationships. If you or someone you know uses these apps, you know that they don’t always come with an ideal ending. For some people, navigating the whole experience and what happens before and after you meet someone can be the most stressful – and cumbersome part – of all. After the match is secured, one must have the right mindset and psychology to be successful in this arena; otherwise they may end up ignored or even worse, ghosted. 

Since this element of dating is often ignored in everyday content and connection today, more people are feeling like they are going to be ‘alone forever,’ or unable to make quality connections. The desire to connect is an innate human one, which is why people will do just about anything to feel that kind of closeness with another human being. Dating and relationship psychology app development expert, Lisa Fei has weighed in on the discussion. 

“Too many times, people focus on the matchmaking element, and not the actual psychology and science behind the pairing,” said Lisa Fei, Founder and CEO of Clarity, the new social network for your love life, which just launched on the App Store and is coming soon on Google Play. “Successfully starting and maintaining a relationship takes a village, and shouldn’t be something we take lightly. Things like self-development, building confidence, curating the right image, and mastering communication are just a few of the myriad building blocks of a healthy, meaningful, and lasting relationship.”

It Starts with Community

Since the beginning of time, man has congregated in groups and communities as a means for survival. We discovered that by relying on other humans to perform niche tasks, we had a greater chance of living and thriving. This primal instinct is why we strongly desire close connection and understanding til this day, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. In fact, with our society now depending largely on digital communication, we are craving human connection more than ever.

Inspired to go right to the root of human psychology not only with dating, but with connecting in general, Lisa has built a digital tool designed to foster this kind of innate connection. Clarity, the new social network for your love life helps people share their experiences anonymously or as their true self, and connect with others who can relate. The app also features access to an ever-growing library of 300+ lessons from over 50 of the world’s top dating and relationship experts that are here to help people successfully navigate every aspect of their love journey. 

“There are more stressors on singles and couples now than ever, especially with all the chaos and uncertainty in the world today” said Lisa. “That’s why couples need the right help to improve communication at home and singles need guidance to navigate dating in the “new norm.” Whether someone is struggling with intimacy in and out of the bedroom, overcoming a breakup, or wanting to start the process of finding a new life partner, happy and meaningful relationships are still entirely possible to build in 2020, with the right support network.”

Put Your Mental Health First

Due to the pandemic, recent reports from the CDC show that 40% of Americans are struggling with mental health, including depression and suicidal ideation, high divorce rates, and rise in domestic violence. That’s why a new kind of technology that is built around a social network designed to allow users to share their experiences and connect with others who can relate is paramount—Clarity’s female-led team is enabling people to help one another on their journey of self-development and healing.

After hearing endless feedback on how dating apps today are making the process emotionless and cumbersome, the Clarity app wants to show users it is possible to not only create a community centered around love, but also find real, meaningful, and connections—right through our mobile devices.


  • Aimee Tariq

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