Unemployment among veterans is a growing concern, even with new programs designed to help veterans find jobs. Fortunately, many people who have served in the U.S. military have skills that are especially useful in following one of the many paths of entrepreneurship. Here are a few reasons veterans are more likely to succeed as entrepreneurs.

Ability to Create Order Out of Chaos

In military duty, chaos presents hazardous situations that require quick thinking for one’s survival. While a chaotic situation in business won’t be life-threatening, it can put a company at risk. Veterans’ ability to create order out of chaos with little access to information can help them succeed.

Ability to Take Advantage of Opportunities

In life, opportunities are rare, making it essential to recognize them and act quickly. This is another talent that military service hones, which can be useful in civilian life as an entrepreneur. A quick eye and a sharp aptitude for learning new skills can help veterans take advantage of opportunities that can help you grow your business.

Ability to Persevere Against the Odds

The time veterans spent in the military has also taught them how to stay dedicated to reaching their goals. That same sense of perseverance is necessary for becoming an entrepreneur. Those who continue to pursue their goals and adjust their entrepreneurial strategies despite setbacks are the ones who will be more likely to succeed.

Ability to Inspire a Team

Veterans have the experience needed to lead others, even if that experience only comes from leading small groups. The same principles apply and can be used to inspire teams. Veterans often make better leaders because they have been in situations where the team’s ability to work together was vital for survival. In civilian life, veterans can use their leadership skills to help teams work towards any common goal.

If you are a veteran, you may already have many of the skills you’ll need to bring your entrepreneurial dreams to life. Any additional expertise required can be developed as you make your way in the business world. As long as you have a dedicated spirit and a willingness to put in the long hours required, you can succeed as an entrepreneur.