What does it mean to be happy? It’s a loaded question, and the answer is ever-changing—especially in today’s world. In the last few decades, positive psychologists have revived age-old debates surrounding what it means to live a happy and fulfilled life, but they’re not the only ones investigating the topic.

In this editorial package, we’re exploring happiness to understand the leading theories on how to actually find it and see how those theories align with what society thinks happiness looks like. We delve into the pursuit of happiness and how our definition of happiness has evolved. We explore the science of what makes us happy (and what doesn’t). We discuss why meditators are so happy, and we investigate happiness both at work and on vacation. Plus, we have a series of leaders and happiness experts sharing what happiness means to them.

Stories thus far:

Here’s Why Happiness Always Feels Just Out of Reach

Dan Harris Explains How Meditation Changes Your Happiness Set Point

What Happiness At Work Looks Like, According to Airbnb’s Global Head of Employee Experience

Adam Grant: ‘Chasing Happiness Can Chase it Away’

This Former Googler Says The Secret to Happiness is ‘An Exceptionally Healthy Mind’

A Happiness Historian Explains Why Even Happy Lives Involve Pain

Why Eric Ripert Says Finding Inner Happiness is The Key to Life

7 Science-Backed Ways to Boost Your Happiness

What We’re All Getting Wrong About Vacation, According to a Happiness Researcher

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