Marketing slogans say it best: you deserve a class of wine! Wine is self-care!! The only thing expensive about raising kids is all the wine you have to drink!


Believing wine was self-care is a trap I fell into for years. But hear me loud and clear: WINE NEVER MADE ME FEEL CARED FOR.

You know what real self-love and self-care looks like? Taking care of the future version of you. It’s flossing your teeth so that future you doesn’t have dental problems. It’s washing the sheets so that future you gets to sleep in warm linen. It’s saying no thanks to wine so that future you feels amazing the next day. So that when she wakes up, she feels LOVED. CARED FOR. Like the past version of you was looking out for her.

Self-care doesn’t come with headaches and feeling physically off. It doesn’t come with negative baggage, regrets, or shame. Self-care doesn’t erode your self-esteem. Self-care is not the mental gymnastics and rumination, should I shouldn’t I.

Watch the video above to learn how the alcohol industry benefits from selling you the lie that wine is self-care, and how you can choose the highest form of self-care—listening to your inner guide.

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  • Karolina Rzadkowolska

    Transformation coach at Euphoric Alcohol-Free

    I’m a life and transformation coach passionate about helping you transform your relationship with alcohol and design a life that's way bigger than a beverage. I founded Euphoric Alcohol-Free, a space to discover your best life away from alcohol grounded in happiness, choice, and individuality—the very things I needed to make the best decision of my life. I had a love/hate relationship with alcohol, that made me feel small, stuck, and like I wasn't living up to my fullest potential. When I finally embarked on an alcohol-free experiment, I found the most incredible euphoric lifestyle and challenged myself to smash my self-limiting beliefs. I dived deep into self-development and transformation and realized I was done sitting on the sidelines of my own life and developed the practices I needed to become the star instead. I hope to share this beautiful life-affirming lifestyle with you and help you build the life of your dreams. Learn more about an alcohol-free life and get alternative drink ideas at