It’s undeniably true that women outdo men in so many aspects of life. You’re obviously wondering how this is even possible. What makes it possible to open this can of worms is the many decades of research done that positively proves that women have the edge over men in nearly everything they do. But before exploring further into this topic, it’s important you keep in mind that men and women are at par in general intelligence (IQ), but not equal to emotional intelligence. So what exactly is it that women do better than men? Well, let’s see some of the reasons here.

Women have better immune systems compared to men

A lot of scientific research shows that estrogen gives women an edge over men, especially in fighting diseases. Continuous research studies indicate that the female productive system produces estrogen which is a hormone that confronts a particular enzyme that hinders the body’s first line of defense against bacteria and viruses. This estrogen hormone helps a female’s body fight diseases better than a man’s system.

Women Live Longer than Men

There are many factors associated with why women have a longer lifespan than men. These elements come from evolution, social and lifestyles. Studies conducted indicate that, for instance, bundles of DNA chromosomes come in pairs. Women are lucky to have a couple of the X-chromosomes while men only have an X and a Y. Thus, science argues that this difference affects the cells concerned with aging. The implication, of this theory, is that women keep double copies of every gene, meaning that if one is faulty, there’s spare, which acts as a back-up, unlike men. Thus, putting men at a higher risk of diseases as a result of cells malfunctioning at the long run.

To add to that, a worldwide research done by the New England Centenary found that 85% of the people who were 100 years and over were women. 

Do women see things better than men?

It’s undeniable that both sexes can do things extraordinarily, but through research, there are some things that women have the edge over men. For instance, science proves that perceiving or seeing colors isn’t a man’s thing. Scientific studies link the X-chromosome to the skill of understanding colors. Women, of course, have two while men have one, thus helping women have a better ability to distinguish the red variations and how the hue interacts with other colors.

Women have better memories than men

Several studies suggest that women have better memories than men although there’s a high percentage of people who experience memory issues as they advance in age. Women who have healthy brains have the edge over the males, despite their age group.

Matters to cleanliness women are better than men

In a research contacted at the San Diego University, the conclusion was men’s desks had more bacteria than the women’s workstations. Further, women were found to wash their hands every time they visited the washrooms than men.

Women are better drivers compared to men

Research conducted indicates that men cause the highest percentage of fatal accidents. Thus, men are more likely to die in car crashes than women.

Women make better students than men

Research findings show that female students are better at acquiring and retaining knowledge than men. Furthermore, Education Departments have statistics showing that male students are more likely to drop out of school than the females. Studies indicate that more women attend college to gain knowledge than men.

Indeed, in the complexity of today’s modern world, you’ll realize women have the edge over men. When you look at it critically, apart from the physical strength, there’s another source of power beneath a woman’s skin that science has not been able to explain. But then, longevity, fighting diseases and doing things better, one gender has to be on top.