Women are significantly more often affected by old-age poverty than men. Their employment biographies are different due to parental leave, part-time work and lower salaries. Therefore, it is particularly important for them to look into building up further income streams in order to be able to lead a self-determined life and provide for old age. The possibilities are many, you just have to know them and then implement them with enough diligence and ambition.

One mother, financial intelligence operative, Eva Abert, is proving it’s possible for mothers everywhere to create this kind of a reality – if they are really willing to. Inspired by her grandfather at a young age to become financially literate and invest her money young to create real wealth development as she got older, Eva’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to the world of online-business in 2007. Joining the ranks that early on made Eva one of the first women to dive into all that the internet had to offer.

Immediately intrigued by what she could uncover if she committed her time and focus on the internet and the growing opportunities that abounded online, Eva began to explore what she now calls ‘1001 ways to secure a scalable income right at home.’

The New Normal Favors These Possibilities

Then, as the 2020 pandemic arrived and more people than ever before lost their jobs, worked from homes, and juggled raising kids and managing a position at a company, Eva’s unique skillset became invaluable.  

I was looking for business models that I could organise around my family situation – not the other way around. And I found them. After testing just about everything, I now pass on the best models to my clients. But it’s not just about generating new income. I also show other people how they can invest this money smartly.

Eva isn’t afraid to tackle big topics with her clients, like reviewing how rich people think and how their mindsets have amassed their wealth. She also goes over what mistakes you should not make when dealing with money, and what strategies you can use now to build up a fortune in the long-term. 

In the last few years alone, Eva has had 10 very successful online congresses on the following topics: finances, passive income, development and scaling of online businesses, cryptocurrencies, and personal development. She has also written various books on the subject to passive income and wealth accumulation, together with great colleagues. Today, she is shifting into a supportive coaching role that can make her financial intelligence accessible to anyone.

“You are on the Zone of your Genius if what you do every day to earn money gives you so much pleasure that you would be willing to pay money for it. We don’t have to get up every day and hate our lives or what we do to earn money. I am ready to show that to people everywhere,” concluded Eva.


  • Aimee Tariq

    #1 Best Selling Author In Optimizing Health

    Aimee Tariq currently lives in Florida with her MANY pets. At the age of 23 she became a #1 Best Selling Author For Health Optimization. She has been interviewed in many publications such as USA Today, Huffington Post, Forbes, INC etc. Aimee is most passionate about empowering professionals to live their best lives by removing toxic triggers and maximizing energy, focus, and productivity. Health is more than what you look like and how you eat. Health is also the fundamental block of your career and life.