We are witnessing a pivotal time in human history, as more women than ever before are attending college, holding executive positions, and out-earning their male counterparts. Society is – ever slowly – changing to allow for this kind of room and growth in the world of female empowerment. But, moving at a glacial pace, studies have found that women still continue to undervalue themselves and set smaller goals than man, in part due to the power imbalance that is still shifted towards men.

There is no mistaking it: most of the systems in our working world are still dominated and controlled by men. It therefore makes it easier for a man to realize his dream of ‘earning a million dollars’ or ‘networking with the top lawyers in the country.’ But, that doesn’t mean women should give up or stop dreaming. In fact, it means now is the time for women to dream bigger than ever before.

Changing the Nature of the Dream

A Harvard Business Review study found that women don’t dream any less than men; it comes down to what women are actually dreaming of for themselves. In order to make that dream a reality, it needs to be turned into a goal with actionable steps. Otherwise, it remains an idea in our minds that we never actually give the attention it deserves.

When a dream becomes a goal, we then strategize our business decisions and focus our attention on the end result, which in some cases, might be making a million dollars. In order to make that a reality, a woman needs to be able to look herself in the mirror and believe it’s true. As the saying goes, ‘begin with the end in mind.’

Introducing Steph Gorton

There are women out there who are blazing the trail right now, making it easier for the female entrepreneurs in their wake to stand up and dream big. One of these trendsetters is none other than Steph Gorton, who has built a 7-figure business coaching empire that she uses to show other women what’s possible if they shift their mindset.

Launching her first business and leveraging it to 6-figures in earnings after just 12-months in operation, Steph pivoted from working for ‘the man’ after school, and into a role as a female boss, coach, and mentor. She now gives back and shares what she has learned with women around the world.

“It all starts with our minds and what we are willing to consider for ourselves,” said Steph. “Once I started believing in myself and my ability to curate my own happiness, it started to happen for me. But, it wasn’t until I made the conscious decision that I was able to control the trajectory of my life that I was able to make it happen. I am encouraging women everywhere to dream bigger – much bigger – than they are currently dreaming. It’s all possible. Trust me!”

Having coached over 300 women to successfully grow and scale their businesses to $10k per month and beyond, Steph has a results-proven system that she passionately shares with others today.

For more information, visit: https://stephgorton.com/