Students, whether in college or high school, are not spared from the stresses and pressures of life. There is the peer pressure to fit in, and it does not matter that higher education institutions are composed of brilliant minds; hence there is the need for a learner to excel in their academic studies and still show their uniqueness. 

All the school activities often leave one with less time to spare for anything else, which means you are likely to have irregular eating habits, anxiety, and a stressful lifestyle. With such a busy life telling a scholar to make yoga a regular practice may make him or her wonder why is yoga necessary for students and what are its benefits and how is it different from any other type of fitness?

The Difference Between Yoga and Other Fitness Routines

Yoga is more than just stretching or physical postures. It is a unique workout for the mind and body. To help get yoga benefits, one will need to combine a specific set of exercises, also known as poses with breathing techniques as well as meditation principles. 

There are different types of yoga whereby some are for relaxation; others are for flexibility, strength, better posture, balance, or full work out.  If a particular pose proves to be difficult for a student who is a first time learner, modifications can be easily made. 

Health Benefits of Daily Yoga Practice

In recent years, various research demonstrates that there are numerous health benefits of yoga, which include: 

  • Improving balance
  • Strengthening bones
  • Decrease back pain
  • Reduce inflammation. 
  • The right poses may work to reduce chronic pain. This is an important aspect for students who play sports or who are active in cheerleading or gymnastics. 
  • Yoga is effective in reducing pain and improving grip strength.  

What Are the Benefits of Yoga for Students?

With such a busy schedule, one needs to create a balanced life. While opting for the  essay writing service is one of the ideal ways to take some workload off your shoulders, when it comes to maintaining a healthy balanced life, yoga plays an important role. Need proof? Here are six reasons why a student needs to include yoga in their life.

Reduce mental decline

The right yoga poses done weekly, and those which include meditation practice will function as a workout for your brain and improve memory as well as decrease dementia. Yoga has also been linked to improved attention, increased processing speed, recall, and concentration.

Maintaining Healthy Weight 

Does yoga help in weight loss? Yes. By boosting metabolism, you will be able to lose the extra weight. Regular yoga also improves digestion, stimulates movement, and contribute to fat burning, which helps to create lean muscles. By managing a healthy weight, the problem of childhood obesity can be eradicated. 

Reduce Stress

Students are stressed individuals who are keen on meeting various goals and proving their worth in society. Yoga, which is a mind-body practice, will enhance your mood by lowering the levels of stress and anxiety. 

Relieve Depression

Yoga is known to have natural antidepressant effects. So instead of relying on medications day in day out, why not incorporate the right poses in your daily life to help decrease the production of cortisol, a stress hormone that is linked with depression.

Improves Sleep Quality

Poor sleep patterns and quality is associated with various diseases and disorders such as high blood pressure. However, for a student, multiple workloads and activities can affect sleep pattern. Therefore, by adopting yoga, you will have improved sleep quality and feel well rested in the morning.

Boosts Overall Quality of Life 

Apart from keeping diseases at bay, yoga promotes body flexibility and balance. It also improves breathing, which keeps your lungs and hearts healthy. Since yoga places importance on mind, it encourages healthy eating habits, which works to curb disordered eating behaviors. 

Get Your Gear and Start Doing Yoga

While you may not need anything fancy or expensive to start practice, here are some of the yoga gear that will become essential as you progress: 

  • Quality yoga mat
  • Comfortable clothing
  • A bottle of water to keep you hydrated
  • Blocks, bricks, and belts

No student, whether in college or high school, is too young to start practicing yoga. It does not require any special equipment or clothes, and it can be done anywhere at any time.  Some studios will even provide you with the necessary items you will need. In fact, anyone willing to learn yoga will reap its benefits.