When you are young everyone loves to ask you “what do you want to be when you grow up?” and children will usually say a doctor, wrestler, fireman, or a princess. When you get a little older they ask you “what are you going to study in university?” and normally the answer is along the line of communications, business, or medicine. Once you graduate you have two roads that are paved out for you, go into the field that you have a degree for, or take a risk and do something you actually love. Now I’m not saying that people who know what their career path is at a young age don’t love what they do, but there are people who need to try different things and don’t find out until later in life. I for one am one of those people. 

If someone were to ask me what I do for a living I would say I’m a Life Coach, Speaker, Teacher, and Period expert, a jack of all trades you can say. I’m also an ex-ski-instructor, have lived all over the world from Australia, England to New York City, with the goal to see so much more. And with these titles and topics, I can easily say that I am as passionate about each and every one. As women, we are multi-passionate and part of being expressed in your divine feminine is giving yourself permission to live out all of your desires. I don’t think I would know who I was or would have been able to tap into my feminine energy if I had stayed in my hometown living a life that I didn’t find fulfilling. Sometimes we have to take that risk and do what we can because it will come out one way or another. The psyche must be heard and she won’t be one to quieten down. 

For me, my psyche made herself heard through my health. I never took my health and wellness seriously and thought that as long as I ate the bare minimum, burned 600 calories at the gym, looked thin and only drank cranberry vodkas that I was the epitome of fit. It wasn’t until I was living in New York and found out that my sharp period pains were a result of endometriosis that I learned I had to do something different. I dove headfirst into learning as much as I could about living an actual healthy lifestyle and changed so much of my life that I became incredibly passionate about wanting to help others like me. But I didn’t want to just help with a healthy lifestyle, I wanted to help in all aspects of people’s lives. I wanted to help with all things periods, feminine energy, and how our subconscious affects our physical health, and now it’s my passion to help you be in full fucking alignment! 

Being a multi-passionate entrepreneur is not a myth, I promise. You can create a business and offer different services for things that you love. Here are a few tips and words that I live by and have helped me scale my business to what it is now. 

Do What Makes You Happy, and You’ll Never Work A Day In Your Life

What makes you happy will make you money and the rule of having a ‘niche’ feels limiting to me so I don’t have a niche. I have a big audience and most people can get something from my work and programs. That feels expansive and exciting to me so therefore it fuels me. 

More Is Better than One

Limiting yourself to one passion or one area of life is actually more energetically draining than allowing yourself to explore all the sides of you. When you are spending so much energy trying to avoid doing something because you “shouldn’t” be multi-passionate, you will actually be wasting more time and energy avoiding that thing than just doing it. 

Love Fuels Your Energy 

Doing the things you LOVE gives you energy and doesn’t drain you. So being multi-passionate is only going to help your business and life, not take away from it.

Life is for living!

I have such a ‘f*ck it’ mentality because so much of the time people limit their lives and experiences based on fear. We are here to live life and EXPERIENCE being human. Locking yourself down into one tiny thing because a business coach once said you have to have ‘one niche’ is, honestly in my opinion the WORST thing you can do for yourself. Not only will you end up resenting your business, but you’ll also become so unhappy and unfulfilled.