There may be days when you feel that you don’t belong here. It does feel like that sometimes, and you are not alone in this. No matter where you are in life now, you deserve to applaud yourself, no matter how you feel right now. We can say that sometimes, it is so easy to feel insecure about ourselves.

Here are reasons why you deserve to applaud yourself no matter what:

 1. Your failures are as beautiful as your successes

Failures should not be taken against us. Your failures have molded you into who you are today. Though they sometimes can leave us feeling really down, they do teach us lessons that we can never learn from any other way. You fail because you tried. It is in the trying that we are truly living.

When you succeed, there is this sweetness that you reap. Failures must not be taken as the darkest corners of our lives. They are as beautiful as our successes. Failures humble us; they, too, make us wiser and stronger. Remind yourself that each person out there also experiences their own failures. It is inevitable. Give yourself the well-deserved claps for being able to take in each failure, each success with humility, pride, and open-mindedness.

 2. You are uniquely you

You were born you and will live yourself. You are not your brother, father, sister, or mother. What makes them who they are is different from what makes you who you are. It can be really easy to compare ourselves with others out there. However, remember that each one of us has our own story to tell before we can even begin to try to compare our lives with theirs. 

Being uniquely you means being a good person; it means having the confidence to know that no matter how your journey is going so far, you just have to continue on without comparing yourself with others around you.

It also means knowing that everything happens for a reason, but sometimes in ways that we can’t see from our current perspectives. Taking care of you and remembering that skincare is selflove is a reminder that you are significant, yes you are. You may not always feel significant, but that doesn’t matter. You are here, despite all the odds against you.

 3. You are significant, yes you are

When you feel so alone, remember that you are significant. As you walk outside, you can marvel at the beauty of the natural world and the man-made sphere that human intelligence has built through time. You have friends who count on you and those who consider you their life force. You have been with people all these years, and for sure, you have touched someone’s heart at some point. As you walk further, you feel the world’s heartbeat strong, weak, strong, weak… like you. You have surpassed the challenges that you have encountered on your own. Others may not have seen that, but you know deep within that you were so strong when you needed to be.

 4. Your way of life is your message to the world

There are no rules on how to live the most meaningful life. Your view of a great life may be different from someone else’s, but it does not mean that you are a failure. The more you get too pressured about the expectations of others, the more you become so hard on yourself. When you hear the calling of adventure and non-conformity, this does not mean that you are a notch lower than those who choose to work 9-5 and stay in one place all their lives. They have their own message to the world. You have yours, too. Applaud yourself for allowing your voice to be heard.

 5. You are a gift

Can you recall that moment when someone thanked you for just being who you are? You are a gift. Sometimes, the darkest hours may overshadow how you see through inside who you are, but your light will surely illuminate even when the years have gone by. How you make someone feel will never be forgotten. You may reach a point when you feel that you’ve taken a path so different from the rest, and you feel guilty about it. On the other hand, you know that there is someone out there who is inspired by your bold choices and your special take on life.

These are just five of the many reasons out there why you deserve to applaud yourself. You are reading this now because you are beautiful. You deserve more than confetti and champagne. You are a celebration!