I can really let this training speak for itself. It’s so much damn fun to express it that I also had to write a quick summary here.

It’s actually taking shape as more of an opportunity. An invitation for you to move through the “assignment” I share in the training.
Ah, it’s a guide. YES! That feels right. 
Here is a simple guide to walk you through feeling stuck in your effort to have the rocking body of health that you want…or really anything in your life that you desire.
I am on this journey too and I share from the deepest place of experience. A few years ago I was NOT in my rocking body. Far from it. And if you know my story at all then you know that I hid it in so much shame. I’m a fitness professional, owned two gyms at the time and was coaching hundreds of clients to their best health. So how could I NOT be in mine. Shit! I felt like a fraud, secretly hiding my pain.
I created all these rigid rules for myself about what working out had to be. Everyday I had to run a certain number of miles, at a certain pace. Pushing past my body’s signs of fatigue all to prove that I was “fit”. I had to eat a certain way and restricted calories and carbs and fats. I made all of these commitments in order to validate my worth as a fitness coach…all the while inside it felt terrible. I was blowing out my adrenals and actually making myself sick. I felt tired all the time. I was really bloated. I carried around weight especially on my mid-section that felt super constrictive. And then I carried that shame too…let’s not forget. I was a mess. 
Thank God I decided to drop the judgement, lean in and start to examine how out of alignment it all seemed. 
I wanted to workout to feel amazing. I wanted to fuel myself to feel amazing. What I was doing made me feel like shit. WHY? 
When I went deep and peeled back the layers I shifted everything. Today I live in a body that I freaking love and that feels fantastic AND it gets to be effortless. I workout and eat foods that support my rocking body of health. It’s easy and it’s fun. 
There is no sacrifice. There is no forcing myself to run. 
I eat bread! NUFF said!!!

So how did I get to this place?
Here is my guide right here on this FREE training. Watch it and then free write on the following: (really allow yourself to go expansive and don’t overthink it. JUST WRITE.)

Write out a detailed description of what you want. In your deepest soul’s expression what do you envision for your best life?

Next answer this, WHY? Why do you want that? 

Break it down. Pull out that list of New year’s goals and go through them one by one. Why do you want that in each area of your life?

Again get really specific: what are you envisioning to receive? Get all your senses involved; what it looks like, what it feels like, what it tastes like, what it sounds like, what it smells like.

NOW ask how you get to experience that right now. What thoughts, feeling and behaviors create that body sensation for you?