The way we do things will take a drastic turn around in the “new normal,” changes are expected in the way we work, what we eat, and how we associate with others. One area that will attract so much attention is your health and other health-related matters and this is where probiotics will feature very much.

How successful you may be in life is not far-fetched from how healthy you are. Even the way others assess you border on your health status and this is one serious reason why you must have a caring attitude and approach to your health.

Studies have revealed that when you take probiotics in adequate amounts, they can have far-reaching health benefits such as positively affecting gut-related infections and diseases, food and environmental allergies and intolerances, immune support, intestinal barrier strength, microbial imbalances, skin-related issues, hypercholesterolemia, anxiety and depression, and weight management.

The importance attached to probiotics is possibly responsible for the fact that “Few treatments for human diseases have received as much investigation in the past 20 years as probiotics,” according to The American College of Clinical Pharmacology.

The essence of probiotics is to enhance your microbiome (trillions of bacteria, yeast, and viruses that reside in your gut, skin, mouth, and more), with the view of improving your health. So much interest has been shown in this field and a lot of brands are into probiotics.

Thryve   COURTESY OF Thryve

However, one brand that stands out is Thryve which was co-founded by Richard Lin in 2016. Thryve has set out on the mission to empower you to take charge of your gut health so that you can feel your greatest.

The brand’s product which includes a microbiome DNA test, digital app (health report, customized food plan), and personalized probiotics is the world’s first customized solution to target gut health. For a far-reaching effect, the team utilized artificial intelligence (natural language processing and machine learning) in order to summarize 50,000+ research articles on the microbiome to make the science accessible and easy-to-understand. 

Thryve was able to achieve this feat with the help of the brand’s scientific advisory board from the likes of MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Purdue, and UC Davis.

Without mincing words, it is glaring that COVID-19 has ravaged the world’s economy, people are distressed, depressed, and desolate. If care is not taken, we may witness a situation where a lot of people suffer mental-related issues.

It’s, therefore, a welcome development that the brand is seriously championing probiotics. The fun of it all is the idea that you can actually think along the line of increasing the bacteria quantity in your body when all along people have been taking antibiotics to kill harmful bacterial infections and use antibacterial soaps and lotions more than ever. 

When you allow the wrong bacteria in the wrong part of your body, you are creating serious problems for yourself. The right bacteria, however, in the right place are absolutely beneficial to your body, and this is the essence of probiotics. 

COVID-19 is known to weaken the immune system of the body so anything that can promote a healthy digestive tract and a healthy immune system should be of invaluable interest at this time. The human body contains good/helpful bacteria and bad/harmful bacteria. 

It is highly important that you maintain the correct balance between these bacteria for good health. Things that can influence the composition of your microbiome include age, genetics, and the type of food you take. 

Any time there exists an imbalance in the ratio of good and harmful bacteria, you can easily suffer what is known as dysbiosis, which can resort to diseases of the intestinal tract. You can also suffer from some systemic diseases such as obesity and type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

The whole idea about probiotics may sound novel to a number of people but the real situation is that right from the time a child is given birth to through the birth canal, the baby picks up Bacteroides, Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus, and Escherichia coli from the mother. 

Probiotics are supposed to protect you in two ways. 

The first way they are helpful is in the process of digestion, your digestive tract is aided by a balanced composition of the good and bad gut bacteria. However, a lot of ways we carry on with daily living have created problems. 

Your choice of food, emotional stress, insomnia, heavy dependence on antibiotics, and other drugs, can all contribute to the imbalance in the gut bacteria. What Thryve is bringing into the probiotics industry is the utilization of the latest next-generation sequencing technology in order to personalize the right probiotic strains for each individual. 

The brand aims at using the following three different variables in the personalization process: 

  • overgrowth of bad bacteria, probiotic strains that may be able to create “bacteriocins” which are naturally occurring antibiotics are introduced to help lower the count of bad bacteria 
  • deficiencies of good bacteria, this will result in the inclusion which of probiotics that may increase those amounts 
  • Health survey and goals, the process to be employed is to handpick strains best fit for getting you to optimal health

As you get set for the new normal, you should start jettisoning some old practices which will only end up harming your body and healthcare. With probiotics, you won’t have to waste financial resources in the area of acquiring medical treatment.

All you need is a good balance in the composition of your gut bacteria and the job is done.

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