For the first year of my business, Tony Robbins was my mentor. I learnt so much from him. It’s the first-ever time I had heard of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

It all began with the Unlimited power CD. I listened to it on repeat for about 12 months. I read all of his books, I attended his UPW Seminar. One day I heard him say “NLP Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming” and at that point, I was hooked. I found an NLP Training school in 2016 and since then have trained to the highest possible standard and now train others in NLP.

Having a mentor doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money, it is the ACTION you take from what you learn that will get you the best results.

What is a mentor?

Google dictionary tells us that a mentor is an experienced and trusted adviser.

I interpret this as someone you can gain advice from to help you along your way, either in business, sport and life.

What is the difference between a mentor and a coach?

A mentor is someone who will advise you and give you advice and possibly a tried and tested strategy. A coach is someone who will guide you to come to the answers yourself and empower you to take action based from within yourself. A coach will not give you answers.

I see a lot of people mixing these up, and I see a lot of people who think they need to invest a lot of money into gaining a coach who will help them get to where they want to be. A coach will be a staple piece of your puzzle but what happens when you are right at the beginning of your journey, and you don’t have the funds to invest in a coach or even know what kind of coach you need?

This is a good indication that you need to find a mentor. A mentor can be someone from afar, or it could be someone you do pay to mentor you.

Here are the best tips to find the support you require through a mentor to get you off the ground;

  1. Read books and consume content. There are so many amazing books and blogs on the world wide web! You can learn so much just from reading! Denise Duffield Thomas is one of my recent favourites with her book Chillpreneur, she talks about her experiences of running and growing a 7 figure business whilst also growing her family and Lenka Lutonska who has a book Energetic Selling and Marketing that teaches you about selling energetically. You can pick up books on amazon for no more than £15 and the key is to implement what you learn. Learn and be mentored through books if you are at a point where a large investment is just not possible yet.
  2. Look at what local support is available. The Princes Trust run a free mentoring and business start-up program that I took with my first business years and years ago! Through the program, they support you with setting up a business plan and they have mentors who dedicate their time with you for free. Natwest offer a business program within the UK to support entrepreneurs to start up and scale a business, they have tons of free events and have mentors who donate their time to support the entrepreneurs on the program. They also help you get investment-ready if this is the path you want to take.
  3. Look for membership sites. I have been a member of FEA ran by Carrie Green, Boss Babe ran by Natalie & Danielle and Janet Murrays build your audience program. All of these are relatively low investments and give huge value. You do not have to invest thousands straight away. What these memberships can do is help you to identify what support you need, and then if you do need to uplevel the support you get you can do it when you have the knowledge of the gaps you need to fill.

Everyone will benefit from having a mentor and closing the skills gap when it comes to growing your business. Having someone to talk to who has been there and done it is also one of the most important things you can do. You will save yourself so much time avoiding mistakes and taking the quickest route to success.

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