The internet is inundated with individuals who call themselves gurus in a variety of fields. The explosion of online coaches has left a lot of people uneasy, wondering if they can ever trust an advisor who is offering certain support services and expertise on a particular topic. The problem is that the small minority of people who have falsely labeled themselves experts online can ruin it for all of the other people who are truly leveraging real-world experience and understanding.

That’s why it’s so important to acquire personal experience in anything you want to advise on. How would it be possible to become an expert on something you have never done?

In order to restore confidence in this kind of support, we need to reward the people who are actually experienced at what they do. When you take the time to get out there and acquire real, first hand experience at something, you are also gaining a slew of other benefits along the way:

  • Patience: gaining experience can’t be done in one or two days. It can’t be done in one or two months either. It takes one or two years to really understand something – and in some cases, it takes far longer than that.
  • Gratefulness: getting down into the trenches and doing services for lower price tags without any of the glamor can build character. It can make us more grateful on the other side and personally understanding of the client we are advising. 
  • Innovation: along your experience journey, you may think up a solution that is desperately needed in the industry. This experience can make you a leader, advisor, inventor, and creator on the other side.

With personal experience, we are better able to relate to our client and show them what we learned to get over certain obstacles. Without this vantage point, our advising would be considered fraudulent, since we don’t actually know anything about the service we are preaching.

It Started in the Kitchen

It’s this very concept that inspired Thomas Pham, entrepreneur and marketer with a penchant for helping restaurants excel, to take his skillset and help all restaurateurs to thrive in 2020 and now 2021. Before arriving in the world of marketing and support, Thomas dove deep into the restaurant sector. He is now the owner of numerous restaurants throughout Southern California, which has given him the practical experience he needs today to help restaurants stay profitable and relevant. 

With this experience, Thomas helps restaurant owners close the gap and pivot to avoid any negative fallout from the pandemic.

“I know how hard it can be to support a restaurant, especially through a challenging time like right now,” said Thomas. “But, since I know the daily struggles of working in the restaurant industry, I also know how to best assist my clients moving forward.”

Thomas’ agency, SLIQUE Media, is a collection of carefully picked individuals that make up the team in Southern California. By thinking outside of the box and leveraging creative solutions, SLIQUE Media is providing a second chance to restaurateurs today.

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